Today was a first for us all as we hiked to the top of a volcano carrying a makeshift sled. It began this morning when we met up with an organization called Quetzaltrekkers, who use the profits from taking people on tours around Leon to create learning programs for kids. They met us at the base of Cerro Negro and we all began the hike to the top. Cerro Negro is a black mound of small volcano pebbles and it’s steep enough to sled or as they would say “volcano board” down. Once at the top and things were all set, Toby and Jeff got their volcano boards ready for a race. If you really go for the speed, you can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. It was an experience that was absolutely random but so much fun! It was enough entertainment to get our hearts pumping, for sure. We traveled back to Leon then went on a sunset hike on the Talica Volcano.