September 22, 2016

Sometimes it’s the last thing you pack before leaving on a trip, but that doesn’t make it any less important—hygiene on the road! Here’s a few tips things we’ve learned along the way on how to go about maintain good hygiene while traveling; even when you don’t have access to clean facilities.


Items List

If you are looking for something seen or talked about in this video, here is a detailed list and links you can use to find the products.
  • Check PricingCamp Soap
    Biodegradable, safe for personal use, pots, pans, clothes or any outdoor gear.
  • Check PricingSunscreen
    Don’t be a tween… get something with a high SPF.
  • Check PricingBiodegradable Wipes
    Don’t get just any old wet wipes, make sure to get Biodegradable wipes.
  • Check PricingWisp Toothbrush
    Get for when you don’t have a lot of fresh water to brush your teeth with.
  • Check PricingDental Floss Picks
    Best things ever for getting the beef jerky out of your teeth.
  • Check PricingBody & Foot Powder
    Just keep in mind that some Medicated foot powder are not so good from the rest of the body.
  • Check PricingHand Sanitizer
    These come in all different shapes, sizes, smells… pick what you like.