September 22, 2016

Depending on how crazy you want to be when off roading and where you choose to off road… Your recovery may differ some but here are what we find fills out needs every time.


Items List

If you are looking for something seen or talked about in this video, here is a detailed list and links you can use to find the products.
  • Check PricingMaxtrax
    Don’t leave home without them. Don’t settle for the knock offs.
  • Check PricingHi-Lift Jack
    They are helpful when you need them, but be careful.
  • Check PricingWinch Extension line
    These come in a rope, cable or strap form.
  • Check PricingWinch Line Dampener
    Great for carrying gear & a peace of mind if that winch line breaks on you.
  • Check PricingSnatch Strap
    Make sure you have to right tool for the job. Do not use this as a tow strap or vise versa.
  • Check PricingTree Saver
    This is vital to ad you with pulling off trees.
  • Check PricingTire Air Down Tool
    Air down your tires can help you from getting stuck in the first place.
  • Check PricingGloves
    Save your hands.
  • Check PricingShackles
    These are the quickest things to go missing so make sure you have enough to get the job done.
  • Check PricingSnatch Blocks
    Have at least 1 of these but 2 is nice to have when things get crazy.