October 17, 2019

Welcome to Proven! This new series is all about the proven gear and methods we have used or learned along the way during our travels. Clay speaks from his personal experience with Expedition Overland over the past 9 years and the systems we have used along the way!

In this episode, Clay talks about GPS navigation and tracking devices, their different applications and why you want them in your kit. Enjoy! #xoproven #expeditionoverland #xoverland
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//Gear Seen In This Episode of Proven
Garmin Overlander https://bit.ly/33Cz6Dy
Garmin inReach https://bit.ly/2OYDEjp
Garmin inReach Explorer https://bit.ly/33G7ei2
Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone https://amzn.to/2OS91fI
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