Season 4: The Great Pursuit2024-02-01T10:33:10-07:00

Pushing the limits of adventure travel once again, the XO team welcomes new (and familiar) faces, new places, and new challenges to their already vast experiences as they document the U.S portion of the Pan-American Highway.

Season 04 Trailer | The Great Pursuit

Back to Season 4 // Stay tuned for the full adventure - Episode 1 drops Thursday, November 7, 2019!!! New episodes every Thursday to follow (9 episodes total.)

Season 04 Episode 01 | New Horizons

Back to Season 4 Welcome to The Great Pursuit! After completing the Pan-American Highway in 2017, the team of Expedition Overland realized that they never fully documented the U.S portion. What better way [...]

Season 04 Episode 02 | Up to Speed

Back to Season 4 The team is in Sonora, Mexico enjoying the beach life with some flights and driving. After a quick stop in Puerto Libertad to refuel on gas and food, they [...]

Season 04 Episode 03 | It’s Up To Us

Back to Season 4 The team has made their way back into the states to spend some time training with the Team 5 Foundation in the amazing Glamis Sand Dunes! After some gorgeous [...]

Season 04 Episode 04 | Carpe Diem

Back to Season 4 Join the team for a special, packed episode! Back in the states, the team is gearing up for their next phase of their Canada to Mexico adventure. Clay and [...]

Season 04 Episode 05 | Whipsaw

Back to Season 4 Join the team as they take on the Whipsaw Trail in Canada! This trail has been a bucket list item for many of the the team and they can't wait [...]

Season 04 Episode 06 | Big Sky Country

Back to Season 4 Join the Expedition Overland team as they continue exploring and overlanding through the prairies and mountains of Montana! The flight crew learns some important lessons when it comes to take [...]

Season 04 Episode 08 | Dreams Made Real

Back to Season 4 Buckle up for a jam packed episode! Rachelle heads off to compete in the Rebelle Rally for Lexus and the guys make some much anticipated improvements to the fleet [...]

Season 04 Episode 09 | Full Circle

Back to Season 4 Join the team for this final episode of the season! Meet up with the guys in Arizona as they head on to the Altar Desert back in Mexico. Their [...]

VEhicles Used

Patriot Campers TH-610

The TH610 is 6.1 metres long in total; including the base camp section up front, which provides storage, water, power, kitchen facilities and more. Not only will you haul your toys to remote, off road destinations, but you can camp there with them for longer.

Patriot Campers X1-H

The X1-H features a remote controlled, hard top lid with a integrated solar panel on the lid for set up in full sun, away from shady campsites. Inside you’ll find a luxurious living quarters where strip lighting illuminates around the bed and three different tent configuration offers accommodation flexibility when you need it most.

2016 Toyota LandCruiser

Samson is like the big fluffy pillow you want to lay on after a long day. However, don’t let his plush demeanor fool you, he will get you up steep hills, rock crawl like a boss, and pull trailers like they’re not even there. Dependable, yet refined, there’s a reason why the rest of the world depends on Land Cruisers…(Also the official napping vehicle for those tired camera guys.)

2020 Jeep Gladiator

Meet ‘Odin’, the Jeep Rubicon Gladiator overland build by Expedition Overland! Built as an overlanding vehicle and an on the road production rig, it’s been a great setup with features such as: PCOR tray system, long range fuel tank, 37″ tires, suspension, dual winches, solar panel, air compressor, and more! This Jeep Rubicon Gladiator overland build is one you won’t want to miss.

2018 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

If you’ve seen the ‘Matrix’ then you may remember ‘Trinity’. One of our favorite characters of all time, Trinity is a no-nonsense, get the job done kind of woman. She adapts, is in control, and runs toward a challenge. The Tundra for us was explicitly built for maximum efficiency for filming, which means a lot of battery power and organization of camera equipment. She is comfortable and is willing to meet any challenge head-on despite her size.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

When it comes to a vehicle that’s going to reliably get you into the backcountry, and back out again, it’s always been hard to beat the Toyota Tacoma. That’s why at Expedition Overland, we’re on our third Tacoma—we’ve put every generation through their paces in our adventures from Prudhoe Bay to the Darien Gap and a whole bunch of America in-between. The all-new 2016 Tacoma shares some of the familiar bits we loved about the our previous Tacomas, with a slew of improvements, new rugged styling, and a fuel-efficient 3.5-liter Atkinson Cycle engine.