Overlander - Season 1

Introducing a brand new series from Expedition Overland focusing on education and pursuing adventure closer to home.

Overlander S1 EP1


Overlander S1 EP1 An all new series from X Overland! Episode 1 dives into the wintery Montana prairie for a weekend of epic fun. www.xoverland.com SUBSCRIBE HERE https://www.youtube.com/user/ExpeditionOverland?sub_confirmation=1 HELP fuel the show! Get your XO Merch here: For [...]

Overlander S1 EP12019-08-19T12:18:47-06:00

Overlander S1 EP3


Overlander S1 EP3 Clay leaves for Greenland and the Super Secret Tundra project is finally revealed!! SUBSCRIBE HERE https://www.youtube.com/user/Expeditionoverland Presented by General Tire: http://generaltire.com

Overlander S1 EP32019-08-19T12:18:47-06:00

Overlander S1 EP4


OVERLANDER S1 EP4 Andy with WARN comes to Montana and teaches winching basics, Clay gives a sneak peek of the epic Greenland expedition, and the team picks up something special in Utah on their way to Overland Expo [...]

Overlander S1 EP42022-02-25T07:35:21-07:00

Overlander S1 EP5


Overlander S1 EP5 Get ready for some fun! The team finishes Expo West and heads in two directions! One explores the Utah San Rafael Swell while Kurt and Clay head to Ouray for a scouting trip. Presented by [...]

Overlander S1 EP52019-08-19T12:18:46-06:00

Overlander S1 EP6


Overlander S1 EP6 It's the ladies trip! Clay, Jeff, and Nate give the vehicles some refinement and turn over the show to the ladies for their first ever, all women's trip in Idaho! Presented by General Tire: #anywhereispossible [...]

Overlander S1 EP62019-08-19T12:18:46-06:00

Overlander S1 EP8


Overlander S1 EP8 The team hangs out at the Northwest Overland Rally, grabs the rest of the family, even the dog, and heads out to finish the Washington BDR! Presented by General Tire: #anywhereispossible http://generaltire.com In Association With [...]

Overlander S1 EP82019-08-19T12:18:49-06:00

Overlander S1 EP9


Overlander S1 EP9 Join the crew as they pick up the brand new lineup of 2019 Toyota TRD Pro's along with some guests, and head to FJ Summit along the Rimrocker Trail! #overlander #overland #xoverland Presented by General [...]

Overlander S1 EP92019-08-19T12:18:49-06:00