Kurt Williams

Kurt Williams has been a Land Cruiser owner since the time he was 15. His passion for 4x4s and business management skills have made Cruiser Outfitters–a business specializing exclusively in Toyota Land Cruisers–stand out in the four-wheel drive retail industry.

As a member of several 4×4 clubs (Wasatch Cruiser Club, Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association, Red Rock 4 Wheelers, Tacoma Territory), Kurt can often be found in Utah’s backcountry.

A Baja 1000 finisher and member of E-7 (Expeditions 7), Kurt has been with X Overland since joining our team as lead navigator for the shooting of our Central American Series in 2015.

Kurt continues to serve in the role of lead navigator on many of our expeditions, most recently to shoot the Nordic Series throughout Scandinavia.

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