EP01 | What is Overlanding?

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Episode Description

What is Overlanding? In Episode 1 of the X Overland Podcast, Expedition Overland founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft along with co-host, XO Content Director Jimmy Lewis, do their best to provide an answer to this fundamental question a lot of people are now asking. Join us, as we work to identify what Overlanding is and what it is not in our attempt to provide clarity and inspiration to all who are interested in becoming overlanders!

Show Recap

Part 1: Intro to EP 1 of the X Overland Podcast!

  • Host introduction, Jimmy Lewis
  • Topic Introduction: “What is Overlanding?
  • How we all got introduced to Overlanding: Jimmy, Clay, Rachelle
  • Tribute to Overland Journal as a source of inspiration

Part 2: What is Overlanding? We explain our answer to this question.

  • The intrinsic value of all activities
  • Evolution of Clay and Rachelle as Overlanders
  • How do we define “Expedition” and the meaning behind “Expedition Overland”
  • The “purpose” of film production: “An expedition to film something that is about the journey.” Clay Croft

Part 3: What is Overlanding? We continue with our answer.

  • Why the definition matters: hiker vs. mountaineer
  • The value of international travel
  • Overland Journal’s codified definition of “overlanding”
  • The idea of travel as intrinsic to overlanding
  • The different approaches to overlanding: bicycles to Earth Roamers
  • Breaking out of your comfort zone and overlanding as a means of personal growth

Part 4: What overlanding is not

  • Is four-wheeling/off-roading overlanding?
  • If I own an overlanding vehicle, am I overlanding?
  • The value of preparation for overlanding
  • Regional four-wheel touring vs. overlanding
  • Is international travel in a car or R.V. overlanding?
  • What about vanlife? Is that overlanding? Mentioning of Graeme Bell
  • Clay and the E7 (Expeditons 7) overlanding trip to Russia
  • Overlanding tourism
  • Long Way Round, Ewan and Charley McGregor as overlanders

Part 5: The evolution of overlanding and the flexibility within the definition

  • Legal “Wilderness” vs. “wilderness” the popular use of the term
  • Liking the idea of overlanding
  • The difference between “touring” and “overlanding”

Part 6: In Conclusion

  • Our definition of “overlanding” as a guidepost
  • Where do you aspire to overland? What’s your overlanding dream? Clay? Rachelle?
  • The desire for world travel and the authentic overlanding experience
  • Clay and Rachelle’s personal vision of their own overlanding dream (non-business oriented)
  • Lead to episode 2: “What is the best overlanding vehicle?”

Additional Helpful Resources

Overland Journal – The publication for environmentally responsible, worldwide vehicle-supported expedition and adventure travel.

Expedition Portal – The global resource for overland and adventure travel.

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