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Tanner and Clay share all aspects of building out X Overland’s newest vehicle: 2022 3rd Generation Toyota Tundra, “Orion.” Orion is the flagship vehicle for our new Nordic Series and has been built for comfortable long-distance overland travel. This truck is an all-new Toyota platform, which made for an exciting build process for our team. Join the discussion as we share our experience in building out this awesome new Toyota platform!

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:15-3:55) Intro/Previous Tundras at X Overland and Launch of Gen 3 Tundra: Clay explains our previous experience with Tundras at X Overland, speaking to our first Tundra build, “Trinity” and the value of the Tundra platform for our expeditions.

Part 2 (4:00-13:00) Story of How our New Gen 3 Tundra Came to the X Overland Hangar: The story of how our new 2022 Tundra first arrived at our hangar as told by Tanner! What kinds of compromises is X Overland willing to make when receiving vehicles from Toyota? What kinds of stock items does X Overland prefer to have on its Toyotas when they arrive from the factory? Why does X Overland replace stock/O.E.M. suspension when building out a vehicle?

Part 3 (13:15-17:30) Building Out Our 3rd Gen 2022 Toyota Tundra: Clay and Tanner discuss the process of building out our new 3rd GenTundra, including challenges and issues and how we addressed those. Putting an Alu-Cab Canopy Camper on a 2022 Tundra; the issue with sensors and truck building.

Part 4 (17:30-20:59) New Tech in the 2022 Tundra: What new technology is in the 2022 Tundra and how does it affect overlanding? How are A.I. mechanisms superior to human inputs? The luxury and amenities in the 2022 Tundra and why they matter to the X Overland team. The X Overland “Thrive Mindset” and how this fits the newest generation of Tundra.

Part 5 (21:00-25:00) Building Vehicles the X Overland Way: Clay and Tanner discuss their own evolution as overlanders and truck builders and how that evolution parallels that of the vehicles themselves. How tech is becoming more integrated and how X Overland is able to achieve a “factory feel” in our newest builds. The use of onX as a navigational tool on the new Tundra’s large factory screen. The “less-is-more” philosophy. Clay explains the X Overland philosophy of “forging.”

Part 6 (25:00-28:00) How have Toyota Pickups and S.U.V.s Evolved Over the Years? Clay offers insight into how Toyotas–pickups, 4Runners, Sequoias–have evolved over the years. What has remained the same and what has changed? The Toyota philosophy as a manufacturer and how that affects their vehicle design, development, and manufacturing is explained. “The Toyota Way” and how a Toyota becomes a Toyota and the thinking and process that lead to the reliability and longevity of a Toyota vehicle.

Part 7 (28:00-35:50) X Overland’s Advice on How to Build Out a 2022 3rd Gen Tundra: The backstory and engineering strategy behind the new 3rd Gen Tundra platform as a multi-vehicle platform. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and sensor sympathy and how to manage these in your truck build. How what we do at X Overland in terms of truck building trickles down to the consumer.

Part 8 (35:50-39:50) How Does the Aftermarket Work with Auto Manufacturers to Build Their Products? Clay explains the inner workings of the aftermarket accessory business for overland vehicles, trucks and SUVs. S.E.M.A. (Specialty Equipment Market Association) In this segment of the episode, we learn a lot more about how the aftermarket business works. The value of 3D scanner technology and how this technology works in the aftermarket business.

Part 9 (39:50-42:30) What Aftermarket Items Did We Add to Our X Overland 2022 Tundra: Going to 35” tires on a 2022 Tundra! Modifying suspension on a 2022 Toyota Tundra. The addition of an Alu-Cab Canopy Camper and a permanently installed Webasto Evo S Heater. The X Overland truck building philosophy explained.

Part 10 (42:35-49:35) X Overland’s Purpose Behind their Newest Tundra: Clay explains the use-case/purpose behind our newest truck, Orion, providing details of the role this truck will serve during the filming of the Nordic Series and in the X Overland fleet as a whole. The benefits of a “Live-in System” are explained. (Read our latest blog on this subject: “What is the Best Sleep System for an Overland Vehicle)

Part 11 (49:40-51:10) Why “Orion”? The Meaning Behind the Name of X Overland’s New Tundra: Clay explains the mythology behind the name of our new Tundra and how the name and aesthetics align with our new Nordic Series. Orion’s Belt and the constellation of Orion.

Part 12 (51:15-1:01:00) Details about the X Overland’s Fleet of Vehicles for the Nordic Series: Clay explains why Atigun, The Clone, the X3 Trailer, and Orion have been chosen for the Nordic Series and the roles each will serve while on expedition.

Part 13 (1:01:00-End) What Improvements Would X Overland Like to Make to Our 2022 Tundra Build in the Future? Clay and Tanner share their ideas for improving the 2022 Tundra build from here. Tanner explains the value of solar power, heated lithium batteries, and REDARC power management systems. Clay provides insight into what you can expect from solar power in differing conditions. Lastly, we hear what Clay and Tanner love the most about the new 2022 Tundra!

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