EP48 | Overlanding Stories and Catching Up with Ty Heaps!

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Episode Description

In this episode of the podcast, we catch up with former Expedition Overland team member, Ty Heaps. Ty’s history with Expedition Overland goes way back to some of our very first episodes, and he and Clay are eager to catch up, share some stories, and offer what they have learned from years of experience in working with groups and teams.

Ty served in the Marine Corps prior to joining our expeditions; therefore, he was immediately put in charge of team security as we toured our way through the Yukon, Mexico, and Central America.

Listen in to the conversation as Ty and Clay share stories of their adventures while offering hard-earned insight that came from them. Also, find out what Ty’s up to nowadays and how his experience with Expedition Overland influenced his success.

Finally, don’t miss out on hearing about Ty’s scariest moment on an Expedition Overland adventure and what it was like for the team to fly their first-ever drone during the filming of Season Zero!

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-19:51) Welcome to the Podcast Ty Heaps! Ty and Clay Share the Origin Story of Their Relationship: Fresh out of the military and looking to pursue his passion for creating a hunting show, Ty met Clay, who had his own dreams of creating a television show. They share the story of their first adventure and how Ty came to join Expedition Overland for “Season Zero.

Part 2 (19:52-31:31) What is It Like to Be on an Expedition with X Overland? Ty and Clay “take a peek behind the curtain” as Ty shares some of his experiences while working with Expedition Overland during the filming of Season Zero. What did Ty think it was going to be like to be on an expedition, and what was it really like? Ty and Clay share their stories, and Ty explains why the social experience was the most impactful part of the experience.

Part 3 (31:32-40:40) Anyone Can Learn to Work a Winch but Learning to Work with a Team is Something Different: Clay explains why Ty was selected for the Expedition Overland team due to his keen interest in effective group dynamics. Ty shares his military background and explains how that experience shaped his understanding of team dynamics.

Part 4 (40:41-50:37) Calling People Up vs. Calling People Out: Clay explains the principle of “calling people up vs. calling people out” and how this social principle impacts the growth of X Overland and its teams of people. Ty explains how he and other team members used this principle and others to keep the team working well together to reach its goals. Clay explains the “honeymoon,” “storming,” and “machine stage” of team dynamics on an expedition.

Part 5 (50:38-1:00:45) Of All of Ty’s Experiences with Expedition Overland, What was his Scariest Moment? Clay recounts all of the adventures Ty has had with Expedition Overland: Season Zero; Alaska/Yukon; Return to the Mackenzie; Mexico & Central America; South America; Great Pursuit; Overlander Series/Acela Truck/Ranch Winter Shoot. Jimmy asks Ty when he was most scared during an adventure with Expedition Overland, and Ty shares his harrowing story of the Morrison Jeep Trail.

Part 6 (1:00:46-1:05:21) Expedition Overland’s First Drone: We’re not sure of this fact, but we suspect that the “Octo-Chopper Drone” we flew to film our ascent of the Morrison Jeep Trail was the first drone to fly in Montana. Clay and Ty explain the details of Expedition Overland’s first drone and what it took to operate it. (Episode Featuring Drone Footage of Morrison Jeep Trail Adventure!)

Part 7 (1:05:21-End) Wrapping Up Our Conversation and Finding Out What Ty Heaps is Doing Now: Ty offers some final thoughts on working and adventuring with Expedition Overland and shares what he’s up to nowadays as a real estate/ranch broker in Montana and a bit about his business, Sage Land Company.

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