EP54 | How to Overcome Problems Related to Time, Money, and Geographic Location When Getting Started in Overlanding

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Episode Description

In the second episode of our XOVERLAND Podcast Q&A Series, we take on questions from listeners and fans about the challenges of time, money, and geographic location when it comes to getting started in overlanding.

Here are a few example questions we work on answering:

  1. How do you go overlanding if you’re working a full-time job and have responsibilities related to having a family and a house?
  2. Can you really go overlanding if you’re struggling financially? How much do you need to budget for an overlanding adventure?
  3. How can I go overlanding if I live in Northeast Connecticut or in a state like Mississippi?

Along with answering these and other specific questions from our listeners, we use their questions to spark broader conversations around the subjects of budgeting time and money for overlanding, figuring out how to find overlanding opportunities and vehicle-based adventure regardless of where you live, and how determining what you’re really seeking from your experience can greatly impact what it will cost you in terms of time, money, and commitment.

This is a super-insightful episode you don’t want to miss, featuring XOVERLAND’s new Content & Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven, and XOVERLAND’s Social Media Manager and Content Producer, Andy Potter.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-3:00) Welcome to the Podcast XOVERLAND Team Members, Evan DeHaven and Andy Potter! We welcome our new Content & Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven, and our Social Media Manager and all-around I.T. ninja, Andy Potter, to the podcast.

Part 2 (3:01-5:30) XOVERLAND Content Director & Marketing Manager, Evan DeHaven, Explains his Role and Background: As XOVERLAND’s new Content Director & Marketing Manager, Evan DeHaven explains his role with XOVERLAND, shares a bit about his background, and outlines the 10-Year Vision to build XOVERLAND into a lifestyle brand.

Part 3 (5:31-7:20) XOVERLAND Producer and Social Media Manager, Andy Potter, Explains his Roles and Background: With the XOVERLAND team for nearly two years now, Andy Potter shares a bit about his background and explains his roles within XOVERLAND.

Part 4 (7:49-16:02) An Explanation of Our Q&A Format and an Introduction to this Episode’s Theme: How Time, Money, and Geography Affect One’s Ability to Go Overlanding. Jimmy explains our approach to our Q&A podcast series and we take on our fans’ first questions about how to overcome the limitations of “time” when getting started in overlanding and vehicle-based adventuring.

Part 5 (16:03-21:37) Is There Such a Thing as “Urbanlanding”? As someone who grew up in Los Angeles, California, Evan speaks to the concept of #urbanlanding, what it means, what this experience looks like, and how it can be beneficial for those with an interest in overlanding who live in urban areas. Jimmy and Andy discuss the parallels between urban fly fishing and urban overlanding. Evan deconstructs popular overlanding myths and archetypes promulgated by social media related to setting and the aesthetic experience of overlanders.

Part 6 (21:38-32:00) Can You Free Your Mind from Work While Overlanding? Our next question comes from a fan living in Australia, and it’s a question most of us can relate to: How do we best manage and cope with our dedication to work while we’re overlanding? A longtime professional in the hyper-competitive space of media production in L.A., Evan shares mindset tips for finding a healthy balance between work, vacation, and overland adventure. Andy shares his tips for managing paid time off and about how to communicate your needs for outdoor recreation with your employers.

Part 7 (32:01-40:52) Weekend Adventuring vs. Full-Time Overlanding and Defining “Success”: The next question we take on is about lifestyle choices. Our listener wants to know why we choose a life of full-time exploration vs. “working for the weekend.” Since Evan, along with his family, made the life-changing decision to trade his conventional professional lifestyle in L.A. for that of full-time overlanding, he weighs in on the values around this choice and its effects. Andy talks about the choices he and his wife made to leave the East Coast and pursue an alternative lifestyle in the West. We explore definitions of “success” and what this concept looks like to us.

Part 8 (40:53-49:41) Is Money the Biggest Challenge to Getting Started in Overlanding? One listener suggests that money is the number one obstacle to getting started in overlanding and that everything else can be obtained. We take on the challenge of looking at how much money one needs to get started in overlanding.

Part 9 (49:42-54:27) Should You Wait Until Your Truck/Vehicle is “Fully Built” Before You Go Overlanding? A lot of people starting out in overlanding have this question and we do our best to address it here. We also respond to the struggle of some people to justify taking unpaid leave to go on an adventure by providing helpful mindset tips to work around this issue.

Part 10 (54:35-1:04:10) How Should You Budget for Overlanding Trips? Our final question about money involves how much to budget for an overlanding trip. We decide to answer this question by discussing best practices for budgeting for any overlanding experience, whether it be a weekend of vehicle-based adventure or a long-term journey.

Part 11 (1:04:12-End) How Do You Get Started in Overlanding if You Live Far Away from Public Land? We have several fans write in with questions about how to get started in overlanding if you live in places like Connecticut, New Jersey, or Mississippi. With Andy and Jimmy being from Eastern states and Evan being from L.A., we do our best to troubleshoot this issue of geographic location being an obstacle to overlanding.

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