EP55 | What’s Next for Eva zu Beck?

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Episode Description

Rachelle Croft sits down to host solo adventure traveler and highly successful YouTube creator, Eva zu Beck, to discuss what’s next for Eva after five years of global traveling.

At the time of this recording, Eva is traveling across the U.S. to decide where she’d like to live as she works on her next move to “build a house and live in it.” Being that she was passing through Montana, we got a chance to sit down with her in person at the XOVERLAND Hangar.

While she may currently desire to build a house in a unique place in the mountains, by no means is Eva ceasing her adventuring; she is simply altering her lifestyle and approach to adventure seeking. Her conversation with Rachelle explores what these changes look like to Eva and how she is navigating this exciting yet challenging time in her life.

Join the conversation, as Eva and Rachelle discuss their life values and the choices they have made–and still make everyday–that manifest what they value most.

As an added bonus to this insightful conversation, hear the captivating story of Eva’s first major adventure upon leaving London at the start of her YouTube career, discover her favorite countries throughout the world, and get a look at the vision she has for her most romantic adventure yet.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-12:53) Welcome and Intro to Special Guest, Eva zu Beck! Rachelle and Eva Discuss Why Eva is in Montana and the Need to Change Plans Sometimes: Rachelle and Eva discuss Eva’s background and the choices that have led her to where she is today. Eva shares her background in the business world of corporate London and the shift in thoughts and priorities that led to her new life of being a full-time adventure traveler and content creator. Eva explains the concept of “The Gap” in terms of skills development.

Part 2 (12:54-16:14) Is It Possible for Successful Content Creators to Take a Break from YouTube? Eva explains the challenge and personal struggle of her choice to take a break from YouTube after five years of content creation. Rachelle shares her own struggles and challenges around taking time off as a professional creator in the outdoor adventure space.

Part 3 (16:15-22:06) Adventure-Traveler Eva zu Beck Explains Why She Wants to “Build a House and Live in it”: Eva and Rachelle discuss listening to your innermost self and having the courage to act on that voice even if it challenges your notion of self and brings change to your current identity and life situation. The two also discuss the pressure of social media success that makes changing a very threatening proposition.

Part 4 (22:07-33:08) “Meditation in Motion” – What Tools and Approaches Does Eva zu Beck Use to Reach Clarity in Terms of Self-Awareness and Decision-Making? Eva explains how, as a busy adventure-traveler, she finds space to find clarity of thought and emotion that help her find her way in life. Eva shares why she has developed a passion for trail running and how this activity has become a kind of meditative space for her. Rachelle shares how she values counseling and her work on living in the “present,” and Eva and Rachelle discuss how to embrace joy in experience and avoid the pitfalls of competition.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

“I quit!”

Part 5 (33:09-43:39) Flexing the Muscle of Vulnerability: Eva shares her personality trait of being open and her journey of becoming vulnerable on social media. Rachelle and Eva discuss the fault in trying to please others on social media vs. being true to yourself. Eva explains how she values honesty in herself and in others and the positive difference that value has made for her. She further explores the challenge of “changing your mind” and the need to be able to do this, and what kind of emotional courage is needed to do that.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

“I Changed My Mind”

Part 6 (43:40-56:17) What is Eva zu Beck Most Excited About Right Now? Rachelle asks Eva the pointed question of what she’s most excited about right now. Eva responds by sharing her desire to “build a house and live in it” and by sharing her attraction to Montana as a place. Eva goes deep into why she wants to have a home and what this experience looks like to her. Eva explains the Japanese concept of “Misogi” and how this relates to her adventurous lifestyle.

Part 7 (56:18-58:10) The Story of Eva zu Beck’s First Adventure Upon Starting Her New Life as a YouTuber: Eva shares the story of her first adventure upon leaving her life in London to become an adventurer: a hike through the Himalayas to the Everest Base Camp. She explains how this first dreaded hike ultimately led her to a lifestyle that included hiking and trailrunning on a daily basis and just how things that are new and scary at first can become your joys later.

Part 8 (58:12-End) What is Eva zu Beck’s Favorite Country in the World? What is Eva zu Beck’s favorite country? Rachelle asks the question and Eva shares her thoughts. Would you have guessed The United States? Mongolia? Here are the countries she chose as her favorites and why she loves these places.

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