EP06 | Clay Croft Sits Down with Mike Pfeiffer of Last Line of Defense

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Episode Description

“I’m a regular dude doing regular stuff. You can do it too.” This is the stated ethos of Mike Pfeiffer of Last Line of Defense.
Join Clay as he sits down in our mobile podcast studio at Expo West with Mike Pfeiffer (LLOD) as the two discuss a wide variety of topics. How to become a successful YouTuber, best practices for building overlanding vehicles, gun holsters, overlanding philosophy, and even homesteading and helicopters are all part of this expansive episode!

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:35-10:50) Intro to Mike Pfeiffer: Mike’s life story, the beginnings of his passion for overlanding, and evolution to starting his YouTube channel, Last Line of Defense.

Part 2 (10:50-15:30 ) Mike’s Beginnings as an Overlander: The need to get out and get started with what you have. Mike explores what it means to be a “Weekenderlander.”

Part 3 (15:35-17:20 ) Clay and Mike Discuss Filming Adventures: Clay and Mike discuss the process of filming adventures and the need to occasionally put the camera down as well as cooking on the trail.

Part 4 (17:25-20:26) Mike and Clay Discuss Overlanding Vehicles: From Mike’s original Tacoma and into his passion for Landcruisers along with experimenting with vans and thoughts on other overlanding vehicles he’s experimenting with.

Part 5 (20:30-23:10) Mike and Clay Discuss How to Become a Successful YouTuber: The business of being a YouTuber and how to get started. Once you achieve success, learning to sort through your opportunities. What is your role as a YouTuber? The space of education.

Part 6 (23:15-25:30) Overlander Philosophy and the Value of Resilience and Resourcefulness: “If something goes wrong, go figure it out!” Both Mike and Clay explore what’s behind the statement and the need to embrace the unexpected and learn how to be resilient when on the trail along with “learning by doing.”

Part 8 (25:35- 26:45) Pro-tips on Building an Overlanding Vehicle: Mike and Clay discuss strategies and best practices for building an overlanding vehicle.

Part 9 (26:50-30:00) Mike Pfeiffer’s Interest in Personal Defense, the Evolution of his Holster Business, and his Focus on Preparedness: Mike’s philosophy behind personal “preparedness” and self-defense. Getting started in self-defense as analogous to getting started in overlanding. The beginning of Mike Pfeiffer’s holster business.

Part 10 (30:05-35:40) Mike Pfeiffer’s Ultimate Life Goal: Mike’s end goal of starting a homestead of his own. Chickens, gardens, and sweet rigs for the weekend! Clay and Mike discuss concealed carry, being prepared, and becoming self-reliant. Being a protector and provider for your family.

Part 11 (35:45-37:00) Becoming Self-Reliant and Vehicle Field Repair: The value of knowing how to make repairs on the trail. Clay’s experience in Greenland with vehicle repair in extreme environments.

Part 12 (37:00-43:10) You Can Never Have Enough Training: Where is Mike on the spectrum of skills, training, and life experience? The never-stop-learning approach to life. Mike discusses his own house building project and how home building is analogous to building an overlanding vehicle.

Part 13 (43:15-44:40) Helicopters! Mike reveals his secret desire for a helicopter.😁

Part 14 (44:45-47:30) Mike’s Personal Life–New Marriage and Desire for Kids: Mike discusses his marriage and desire for kids and growing a family.

Part 15 (47:30-50:15) Mike and Clay Discuss Integrity and YouTube Fans, Trends, and Algorithms: Mike and Clay discuss the challenge of balancing being a successful YouTuber with content integrity.

Part 16 (50:20-End) What’s Next for Expedition Overland?: Mike asks Clay what’s next for himself, professionally and personally. Here’s his answer!

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