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Rachelle sits down with fellow friend and traveler, Jillian Rebekah at Overland Expo West. Join them for a behind the scenes look into the beginning of Jillian’s start into overland travel and where she is now. Talking about lessons learned, good and bad, making mistakes and having the courage to be vulnerable and step into being uncomfortable, this episode is for anyone who is ready for their next challenge in life and permission to try something new.

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Rachelle Croft

Rachelle Croft stands out in the Overlanding space as an accomplished driver, co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland, and celebrated advocate and influencer for women’s empowerment and healing from sexual abuse. A Montana native, Rachelle is married to celebrated filmmaker and overlander, Clay Croft, and a mother of three along with fur-child “Piper.” She is the [...]

Jillian Rebekah

Jillian Rebekah is an avid off-road adventurer, amateur chef, and accomplished photographer who utilizes these passions to create a well-known and widely respected social media presence. Over the past six years, her adventures have taken her around the United States where she has had the pleasure of meeting incredible people and sharing ideas, food, and a love [...]

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