Episode Description

Have you ever wondered what the best overlanding vehicle is? Among offerings that range from vintage Land Cruisers to state-of-art hybrid Toyota Tundras and from massive Earth Roamers to motorcycles–there is a lot to sort out when looking for an answer to this question. In this episode of the X Overland Podcast, join Clay, Rachelle, and Jimmy as the trio dives deep to provide you with a helpful answer!


Rachelle Croft

Rachelle Croft stands out in the Overlanding space as an accomplished driver, co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland, and celebrated advocate and influencer for women’s empowerment and healing from sexual abuse. A Montana native, Rachelle is married to celebrated filmmaker and overlander, Clay Croft, and a mother of three along with fur-child “Piper.” She is the [...]

Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy joined the X Overland team in 2022. With a background in outfitting, education, and writing, Jimmy works on applying his eclectic insight to our content creation and direction at XO. His predilection for carrying on meaningful conversations, along with his love of Overlanding and outdoor sports and adventure, make him the perfect fit to host our X [...]

Clay Croft

Clay Croft has been an innovator and thought-leader in the Overlanding space for over a decade. He is co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland. In addition to his vast Overlanding experience, which includes the completion of the Pan-American Highway, a crossing of the Simpson Desert in Australia, and driving the “Road of Bones” in Russia, Clay [...]

Episode Summary

Part 1

This episode builds upon our response to the question, “What is Overlanding?” we addressed in Episode 1. Part of choosing the right overlanding vehicle is determining what you honestly intend to do with that vehicle. Are you really planning on going overlanding according to our definition of overlanding provided in EP 1, traveling extensively across international borders and living remotely while being totally self-reliant? Or, are you heading out for weekend warrior trips and/or going 4-Wheel-Drive Touring within the region where you live? There’s a big difference there in the way of needs and that will affect your choice of vehicle. Listen to the first part of this episode to hear Clay’s explanation.

Part 2

In Part 2 of the podcast, Rachelle and Clay get into the vehicles of Expedition Overland and how they meet the overlanding needs of the X Overland team. Then, we move into conventional options available in contemporary overlanding vehicles today. Pickups and SUVs are discussed.

Part 3

A “Daily-Driver” or Dedicated Overland Build? This part of the podcast gets into the differences between a daily-driver, a dedicated overland vehicle, and something in between. Can your daily driver be an overlanding vehicle? Is there a solid reason to keep the two separate? Find answers here.

Part 4

Building your dream overland vehicle! What is Clay’s dream overland vehicle? What is Rachelle’s? What about as a couple? Explanation by Clay as to why the 2022 Toyota with an Alu-Cab system is his preferred combination.

Part 5

The need for compromise when building an overlanding vehicle and the use of critical thinking skills–Clay explains developing a “priority matrix.” Problems with using Instagram as a source for vehicle build approaches. Don’t imitate what you see in a picture; figure out what is best for you and create your own build!

Part 6

Overland Expo West and the value of talking to experienced overlanders about their vehicle builds. Emotional purchasing vs. reasoning through your modifications. Respecting the capabilities of your build. The process of self-discovery through building an overland vehicle.

Part 7/Conclusion

Remember to ask yourself:

  1. How do I really intend to use this vehicle?
  2. How much am I willing to spend/invest?
  • Recognize the compromises you’re making with your choices and respect the capabilities or limitations of those compromises.
  • Go on the journey of building an overlanding vehicle!
  • Don’t be afraid of changing your vehicle and your build as you grow and evolve as an overlander.
  • Are you focused on the travel or the vehicle?

Additional Helpful Resources

Overland Journal – The publication for environmentally responsible, worldwide vehicle-supported expedition and adventure travel.

Expedition Portal – The global resource for overland and adventure travel.

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