EP04 | Gearing Up for Overlanding

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Episode Description

In the final episode of our four-part series about getting started in overlanding, Clay, Rachelle, and Jimmy focus on gearing up for overlanding adventure! Once you have selected a vehicle and built it out to meet your needs, it is time to select the gear that will complete your overlanding kit. Clay and Rachelle share their approaches to outfitting their overlanding teams for expeditions around the world while equally addressing the needs of the everyday weekender.

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:50-8:00 ) Planning your overlanding trip and considering your needs: Where am I going? What am I doing? (activities) How long will you be out? Strategizing your approach to packing with multiple team members/group participants.

Part 2 (8:00-11:07 ) Strategic overland planning for solo or team/group? Define and designating roles for the team/family/group. Plan gear together to avoid redundancy and meet your needs. Check out this episode of Proven on group dynamics which clarifies how to approach teamwork on an overlanding trip.

Part 3 (11:08-13:32 ) Sleep, Food, and Proper Clothing to Thrive on your overlanding Journey! The value of staying well-fed, hydrated, dry and warm along with sleeping well to thrive on your journey and how to do this effectively. Bringing that comfy pillow, packing a that special treat and other approaches to keeping your moral high are all discussed.

Part 4 (13:33- 14:20) Planning for thriving and surviving while overlanding: Packing an emergency survival kit if your camp/sleeping system amenities fail.

Part 5 (14:21- 23:50) Overlanding Sleeping Systems Explored: Minimalist Small tent systems vs. Larger systems: sleeping pads, mattresses, sleeping bags, liners, and sleep sheets are all discussed. “Comfort Ratings” vs. Survival ratings” and down vs. synthetic insulation are also discussed here. Nesting and respecting personal space. The benefits of hammocks. Multiple sleeping systems to arrange for kids and family/friends.

Part 6 (23:53-38:59) Selecting the Best Overlanding Clothing: The value of Merino Wool. Allergies and the need to test your clothing ahead of time. The value of underwear! Technical clothing vs. morale items. Kids and comfort items. Approaches to layering and layering systems discussed. Means of clothing organization for overlanding vehicles discussed. Essential clothing items detailed.

Part 7 (39:00- 43:53) Approaches to Overlanding Footwear: The need for multiple pairs of footwear– “shower shoes,” canyoneering shoes, hikers, the need for warmth. Assessing your needs.

Part 8 (43:53- 49:45) Overlanding Med Kits: “multipurpose” gear vs. “mission-critical” gear/equipment explained. Placement of med kits and the need to build familiarity with your kit; a minor everyday “boo-boo” med kit vs. major medical kits. Organizing your overlanding medical kit. The need for compromise and limitations when equipping your kit.

Part 9 (49:50- 53:03) Overlanding Accessories: The concept of EDC (“Every Day Carry”) is explained. Headlamps and flashlights; multitools vs. knives; rechargeable vs. battery operated; where to store your accessories in your vehicle are all discussed. Accessories to meet your personal needs and morale. Simple accessories to help you thrive discussed.

Part 10 (53:05- 104:35) Appearance and Hygiene While Overlanding: Male and female needs and possible differences discussed. The importance of hygiene explained. How to avoid problems with health and hygiene identified. The concept of “Three days till your problem and three days till your recovery” explained. Simple hygiene items, gear, and resource needs discussed and explained. How to dispose of hygiene products and items. How to deal with body waste and elimination and stewarding waste properly. Watch this episode of Expedition Overland’s Oh, Hey There! for a detailed explanation of this topic! The concept of “reset” explained and the value of R.V. Parks and occasional lodging discussed.

Part 11 (104:40- 107:35) Overlanding Kitchen and Galleys: Fundementals of an overlanding kitchen galley explained. Key items and approaches to organization are discussed. Here’s a useful episode of our Proven series to learn more about overlanding Galley systems.

Part 12 (107:35- End) Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Gearing Up for Overlanding: Mindset and strategies shared and discussed. The need for constant refinement. The concept of “less is more” explained by Rachelle. Final tips!

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