EP70 | We CHANGED Our LIFE! Family.Overland.Adventure w/ Evan & Christine DeHaven

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Episode Description:

What is it like to go from being successful L.A. professionals living in the suburbs with two kids to being full-time family overlanders traveling out of a beautifully restored 1972 Ford Bronco on the adventure of a lifetime? Find out in this epic episode featuring Christine & Evan DeHaven of Family.Overland.Adventure.

After pushing hard to become successful in the highly competitive media environment of Los Angeles, California, the DeHavens realized that what they had worked so hard to achieve left them lacking connection as a couple and a family. They decided that the answer was a new family challenge: a life of full-time family overlanding.

So working together with their two sons, they made a family decision to sell their house and hit the road. Throughout this episode, we hear of their adventures as they traveled from the southern-most tip of Baja to the shores of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, learn about their decision to pivot from the Bronco to their 2016 Toyota Tundra, and discover why after three years of full-time overlanding they decided to settle down in Bozeman, Montana.

See what there is to discover from the triumphs and challenges of thousands of miles and more than three years of family overland adventure in this unique story told by the DeHavens!

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (0:40-9:28) Evan & Christine DeHaven of F.O.A. (Family.Overland.Adventure) Share Their Origin Story: We welcome Evan & Christine Dehaven of F.O.A. (Family.Overland.Adventure) and this unique couple shares the origin story of their relationship and their epic 3-year overland adventure.

Part 2 (9:29-13:42) Why Go Overlanding? Evan & Christine could have bought an RV and gone RVing; instead, they chose overlanding to head out together with their family on an epic traveling adventure. Why? These two explain why they chose overlanding and how the overlanding experience has helped them to reconnect as a couple and as a family

Part 3 (13:43-22:29) Family Overlanding Out of a 1972 Ford Bronco? A longstanding dream of Christine’s was to restore a 1972 Bronco, so to start their epic overlanding adventure, the DeHaven family worked together to restore a 1972 Bronco into immaculate condition. The vehicle would serve as their primary means of transportation. 

Part 4 (22:30-31:08) From 1972 Ford Bronco to 2016 Toyota Tundra: Despite their passion for their 1972 Ford Bronco, Christine & Evan decided to switch platforms to their 2016 Toyota Tundra. Why? Evan shares the harrowing experience that serves as the tipping point for switching platforms and the couple discusses why they decided to make this pivotal choice, and what their Tundra build process entailed. 

Other XOVERLAND Episodes Mentioned in this Section of the Podcast:

Part 5 (31:08-39:25) A Closer Look at the DeHaven’s 3-Year Overlanding Adventure: After 6 months traveling out of the Bronco, the DeHaven’s journey really reached the next level once they got behind the wheel of their Tundra. Evan and Christine discuss the goals they had for their journey, favorite people and overlanders they met along the way, and how traveling restored their faith in humanity. The couple also shares some of the challenges they experienced with people and towns while traveling.

Part 6 (39:26-46:35) Overlanding with Your Family in Baja, Mexico: Is it safe to take your family overlanding in Baja, Mexico? Evan & Christine weigh-in on this question based upon their experiences overlanding in Baja with their family. The couple provides a few pro tips on how to safe in Baja and optimize your experience there.

Part 7 (45:36-53:12) Moving to Bozeman! Christine & Evan share the stories of their journey north to Prudhoe Bay and how they ultimately decided to make an enormous life change to leave their overlanding lifestyle and settle in Bozeman, Montana.

Part 8 (53:13-58:23) How did Evan Start Working at XOVERLAND? Exiting their life as full-time overlanders, the DeHaven’s moved to Bozeman where they found a great fit in the town culture and outdoor lifestyle. The next step was Evan getting a new full-time position at XOVERLAND. Evan shares the story of how he got hired by XOVERLAND. 

Part 9 (58:24-1:01:55) What is it like to go from being full-time overlanders back to living in a house and within a town? Evan & Christine share the challenges and pleasures of transitioning from a life of full-time overlanding into a life of town living in Bozeman, Montana. The two share some of their new interests and passions as newcomers to Montana. 

Part 10 (1:01:56-End) Three Lessons Learned from Three Years of Full-Time Overlanding: Christine & Evan share three of the biggest lessons they learned from three years of full-time overlanding as a couple and as a family. The two look at how this experience has strengthened their marriage and their family, and how an overlanding lifestyle improved their connection and communication.

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