Can I send you product in exchange for free exposure on the show?


Very thoughtful of you! And we love free product just as much as the next guy. However, adding more to our already demanding filming and production schedule isn’t feasible. As you might imagine, if we tried to fit in every request, we would never stop filming! You are more than welcome to send us [...]

Can I send you product in exchange for free exposure on the show?2019-08-02T15:22:04-06:00

Why do you mostly use Toyota vehicles?


An overlanding vehicle can be any make, model, age, or color—as long as it can safely and reliably get you where you need to go and back. (Or, you may just have an exciting time problem-solving breakdowns.) We primarily use Toyotas because we have been enthusiasts from a young age and they haven’t let [...]

Why do you mostly use Toyota vehicles?2019-08-02T15:21:21-06:00

What’s the average cost of a vehicle build?


An estimated cost for the build on Rufio, 2015 4Runner, is roughly $30,000. But a build can range anywhere from $20-$100K. Keep in mind that labor is typically the most costly piece. If you have the time and knowledge there are ways to save money by doing some (or all) of the build yourself. [...]

What’s the average cost of a vehicle build?2019-08-02T15:19:41-06:00

How do I get into Overlanding?


Overlanding is a very personal journey so where you begin and where you go is entirely up to you! However, a good rule of thumb (as with anything new) is to start small. Go on a weekend trip with friends or family and get your feet wet as you find what drives your passion [...]

How do I get into Overlanding?2019-08-02T15:19:00-06:00

Can I meet you in Montana or come see the shop?


Again, we love the support! However, we have full-time staff who are busy and unfortunately, we’re not able to stop for tours, questions, or meetups at this time. We do travel to many live events around the nation: Overland Expo West, Northwest Overland Rally, SEMA, Dark Horse Car Show, Overland Expo East—stay tuned on [...]

Can I meet you in Montana or come see the shop?2019-08-02T15:18:19-06:00

How do you get trucks for free?


Though it may look that way, the vehicles we use are certainly not free. We have a lot of fun here at Expedition Overland, but the truth is that in order to bring you lots of quality content, our venture must operate as a business. The team at XO puts in countless hours of [...]

How do you get trucks for free?2019-08-02T15:16:49-06:00

Why don’t you do more off-roading?


We love to off-road and we often do in our personal time. Typically, our adventures are on tight production schedules and each location requires film permits, so that leaves us slightly more limited. We also practice dedicated vehicle sympathy—since the reliability of our vehicles is imperative to our business, we take great efforts to [...]

Why don’t you do more off-roading?2019-08-02T15:16:06-06:00

Can you tell me how to build out my vehicle?


Many tips can be learned from our video series like In the Shop, Oh Hey There, and Overlander. We understand that many of you are looking for even more detailed, personalized guidance and this is something we would love to offer. The details are in the works for how we can best serve you there…stay tuned! In [...]

Can you tell me how to build out my vehicle?2019-08-02T15:15:12-06:00