EP15 | Overlanding as a Couple: Richard and Ashley Giordano of Desk to Glory

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Episode Description

Join the conversation with friendly and charming Canadian overlanding couple Richard and Ashley Giordano of Desk to Glory as the two share their origin story as an overlanding couple. Richard and Ashley’s experience will inspire anyone interested in getting started in overlanding, whether as a couple or solo. Learn how to have big fun overlanding on a small budget and what it looks like to travel the Pan-American Highway, the Arctic Circle in winter, and many places in between!

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:15-4:30) Intro/Richard and Ashley Giordano Background: Richard and Ashley’s share their Canadian origins and upbringing.

Part 2 (4:35-9:20) The Story of “Richard and Ashley! Kismet? Coincidence? The fates at work? Richard and Ashley share the quirks and particulars of their origin story as a couple.😍

Part 3 (9:35-21:00) How did Richard and Ashley Giordano Get Started in Overlanding and Start Desk to Glory? Richard and Ashley share their beginnings as travelers and overlanders. From conventional professions to life on the Pan-American Highway.

Part 4 (21:10-24:00) The Story of Richard and Ashley’s beloved Toyota pick-up, “Little Red”: Richard shares details about how he found their little red Toyota pick-up with around 200 miles on the odometer! $6,000 and they were on the road. Richard and Ashley share their affordable approach to getting started as overlanders.

Part 5 (24:10-26:30) Richard and Ashley Giordano’s First Experiences as Overlanders: Richard and Ashley discuss what it was like to actually start overlanding: what they saw, what they learned, and what surprised them. These two provide an excellent picture of life on the Pan-American Highway.

Part 6 (26:40-30:00) How did Desk to Glory Begin? Richard and Ashley talk about how they began blogging about their overlanding experience to authentically share their experiences with others along with the origin of the name, “Desk to Glory”: Dust to Glory. From sleeping in a roof top tent to airing down tires, Richard and Ashley share how they got started and learned as they went along.

Part 7 (30:10-34:50) Jumping Right into Overlanding: Ashley and Richard explain the process of figuring things out as you go along when starting out as new overlanders, discussing the value of building out your vehicle to suit your needs as you discover them from experience. Your overlanding experience as an evolution that never stops.

Part 8 (35:00-39:45) Richard and Ashley Giordano’s Describe Working for Expedition Overland: Richard and Ashley discuss their experience in filming Expedition Overland’s Arctic Solo Series, sharing Behind-the-scenes insight and details about the trip and filmmaking process.Richard shares the challenge of navigating a feeling of obligation to pursue conventional work while being driven toward a life in overlanding. Also, we learn the story behind how Ashley met Clay and got started working with X Overland and the beginning of her story as a writer.

Part 9 (39:50-44:00) What is it like to Overland to the Arctic Circle in Winter? Ashley and Richard describe their experience overlanding to the Arctic Circle in winter in detail, sharing insight about local culture in that region and the daily life of people living there.

Part 10 (44:10-End) What Does the Future Hold for Ashley and Richard Giordano and Desk to Glory? Ashley discussed her and Richard’s desire to travel The Silk Road and to return to Saudi Arabia. The two also address building out their next overlanding vehicle!

Find Richard and Ashley Here!

Richard: @desktoglory
Ashley: @desktoglory_ash

On YouTube: DeskToGlory

And on the web: desktoglory.com

Plus, find Ashley’s writing at expeditionportal.com and in Overland Journal

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