EP41 | Desk to Glory’s Kickoff to Their Next Adventure

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Episode Description

Richard and Ashley Giordano of Desk to Glory are back at the X Overland Hangar preparing for their next adventure, so we thought we’d better catch up with this dynamic overlanding couple before they disembark.

The two are sporting a new build and have big plans for the future. After spending some time discussing their work with Expedition Overland Season 5, The Nordic Series, Richard and Ashley share the details of their new build and the why behind their choice of platform.

Finally, the couple shares their big news involving global travel and their work with Overlander Network.

There’s lots to find out and lots to learn, so jump into the conversation and let’s get started!

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-10:05) Intro and Welcome Back Richard and Ashley Giordano of Desk to Glory: Richard and Ashley explain why they’re at the hangar and share their experience while on expedition with the team filming Season 5, The Nordic Series. Richard discusses the details of his work as lead photographer and videographer on the Nordic Expedition and Richard and Ashley explore their passion for storytelling.

Part 2 (10:06-13:27) What is it Like to Travel and Work Together as an Overlanding Couple? Having just explored an answer to this question with Clay and Rachelle Croft (See Episode 39), we ask Richard and Ashley the same question and get into a discussion around this topic. Richard and Ashley explore what this relationship looks like for them, how it benefits them as creators, and how they optimize the relationship to enhance their professional work.

Part 3 (13:28-19:45) What were Richard and Ashley’s Favorite Places in Scandinavia? Jimmy and Richard discuss Richard’s favorite places he found while filming Season 5, The Nordic Series and why he wants to return to Norway. Ashley shares her passion for Iceland and discusses her role as lead navigator while on expedition with the team in Iceland. Richard and Ashley share why they want to return to Iceland in winter and overland the country using Arctic Trucks.

Part 4 (19:46-29:34) Desk to Glory’s New Build: a 2008 Gen. 2 Toyota Tundra: Jimmy, Richard, and Ashley discuss the details of the couple’s new overland build: a 2008 Gen. 2 Toyota Tundra with an O.E.V. (Overland Explorers Vehicle) Slide-in Camper on a Mitts Flatbed. Their new platform is a big change for their beloved “Little Red,” and Richard and Ashley explain why they have made the choice to go to a full-sized platform for their upcoming global adventures. (If you want to learn more about building an overland vehicle, check out these podcast episodes and blogs on the subject!)

Part 5 (29:35-31:46) Should You Buy a Lithium Starter Battery for Overlanding? We all know lithium batteries are super-lightweight and powerful, but should you buy one for use as a starter battery in an overlanding vehicle? Richard and Ashley explain their choice of a lithium starter battery in their new overland build and the modifications they have put in place to ensure its performance in extremely cold weather.

Part 6 (31:47-35:37) O.E.V. Camper (Overland Explore Vehicles) vs. Aterra vs. Four Wheel Camper: In making their decision of what camper system they would write the check for in their next overlanding build, Richard and Ashley did a lot of research and experimented with a variety of platforms. Why did they choose to go with an O.E.V. “Alpine” Camper on a Mitts Flatbed? Find out in their discussion of the topic here as they share their experience with Mario Donovan at A/T Overland.

Part 7 (35:38- 44:36) What’s Next for Desk to Glory and Overlander Network? Richard and Ashley attempt to answer this question for listeners and for themselves, sharing plans for their first step of shipping their new build overseas to their idea of exploring Morocco and issues around the Schengen Agreement. (If you want to know more about shipping your vehicle abroad, check out this episode with our Global Shipping Logistics Coordinator, Matt Hopkins!) They also reveal their plans to work with Overlander Network to create a 10-Part TV Series showcasing their global adventures.

Part 8 (44:37-47:50) How have Richard and Ashley Grown as Overlanders and Are They Prepared for Their New Adventure? Richard and Ashley discuss what they have learned as overlanders throughout their career of traveling and what they are doing to prepare for their new global adventure with Overlander Network. Ashley shares some of the new skills and resources she and Richard share as overlanders but also the expected challenges that will come with full-time overlanding.

Part 9 (47:50-52:42) How Do Professional Content Creators Prepare for Full-Time Overlanding: Ashley explains how she prepares as a writer for life as a full-time overlander and Richard and Ashley discuss the implications of their upcoming global travel for their work as content creators.

Part 10 (52:43-59:37) What is the Overlander Network and What Kind of Content Will Be Featured There? In discussing the series Richard and Ashley will be creating for Overlander Network, Jimmy, Richard, and Ashley discuss the Overlander Network more broadly, taking a look at its mission and purpose. Richard and Ashley explain the vision they have for their new series with Overlanding Network, taking a look at what their cinematic style and thematic vision might be.

Part 11 (59:38-End) Where Do Richard and Ashley Plan on Traveling Next? Ashley and Richard explain their interest in Morocco and West Africa along with their plans to explore Europe.

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