EP49 | Wilderness Medicine for Overlanders with Dr. Jon Solberg

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Episode Description

Join us as we sit down with Expedition Overland Team Doctor and experienced E.R. physician, Dr. Jon Solberg, to discuss Wilderness Medicine for Overlanders. Dr. Jon was featured in Expedition Overland’s Season 4, Return to Alaska: The Last Frontier, and also served as team doctor on Expedition 7s first crossing of the Greenland Icecap.

In this episode, Dr. Jon will break down the difference between “Wilderness Medicine” and conventional “Front-Country Medicine.” He will further explain the certification process around Wilderness Medicine education including the various levels of training and means of obtaining it.

Jon and Jimmy specifically explore how Wilderness Medicine applies to overlanders and what kinds of unique challenges confront overlanders traveling through remote areas and working with and from vehicles.

We plan on this being the first of many podcasts with Dr. Jon addressing the topic of wilderness medicine for overlanders and look forward to producing future episodes addressing specific topics within this field.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-13:44) Introduction to Dr. Jon Solberg: Dr. Jon is our go-to expert when it comes to the subject of Wilderness Medicine and for very good reasons. An actual M.D. and practicing Emergency Room Physician, we take an in-depth look at Dr. Jon’s training, experience, and qualifications along with his experience with Expedition Overland in filming.

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Part 2 (13:45-18:01) What is “Wilderness Medicine” and How Does It Apply to Overlanders? Dr. Jon defines “Wilderness Medicine” and explains how it fundamentally differs from conventional medicine. John further explains the differences between Search and Rescue (S.A.R.) teams around the U.S. and the world and how those differences impact wilderness medicine providers.

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Part 3 (18:02-30:00) What Different Types of Training and Certification are Available in Wilderness Medicine? For those interested in getting trained in Wilderness Medicine, there are lots to choose from. Dr. Jon breaks down what those choices are and provides insight to help determine which is best for different types of outdoor enthusiasts.

Part 4 (30:01-36:37) Wilderness Medicine Specific to Overlanders: When it comes to Wilderness Medicine, overlanding is a specific activity with unique demands. Dr. Jon examines the ways in which overlanding creates specific challenges for Wilderness Medicine and how these can be met.

Part 5 (36:38-41:25) How to Prepare Your Wilderness Medicine First-Aid Kit: Jon reviews pre-packaged, commercially available medical kits and explains the benefits of thinking through your first-aid kit for the specific demands of your adventure and related activities. Jon examines the gear, equipment, and supplies that go into an effective first-aid kit. Jon shares the advantage of having two different kits and how to manage medical supplies in a fleet of overlanding vehicles.

Part 6 (41:26-44:35) The “Go-Bag” for Overlanders: Jimmy and Dr. Jon explore the benefits of having a “Go-Bag” packed with survival essentials including Wilderness First-Aid Items.

Part 7 (44:36-47:25) Wilderness Medicine and Technology: Dr. Jon explains why “it’s ok to embrace technology” when it comes to backcountry survival and wilderness medicine and the ethics surrounding technology use. Dr. Jon and Jimmy explore various options like satellite beacons and messengers when it comes to technology a recreationist can use for purposes related to wilderness medicine.

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Part 8 (47:50-50:10) Mindset for Wilderness Medicine and Accident Prevention: As a long-time practicing E.R. doctor, Dr. Jon explains a bit about how accidents happen and how they might be prevented.

Part 9 (50:11-End) Resources for Getting Wilderness Medical Training: Dr. Jon shares his own training resources along with what providers he thinks provide effective training for those interested in Wilderness Medicine.

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