EP63 | Podcast Hosts Go Overlanding!

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Episode Description

What happens when two podcast hosts who spend most of their time talking about overland adventure head out on their own separate journeys? Find out in this authentic and insightful episode that is not without its share of humorous stories shared by our hosts.

Jimmy and Leah have been hosting overlanding experts, insiders, and influencers for over a year now. Grateful and inspired by what they have learned, they are eager to set out on their own journeys to see what they can accomplish.

Just having returned from their biggest and most adventurous overland experiences to date, the two confess their shortcomings while offering tips and insights gained from their travels.

Self-evaluating in the areas of navigation, packing, gear prep, and vehicle builds, Leah and Jimmy have fun recounting their wins and losses.

With Jimmy aboard his adventure motorcycle and Leah traveling in her Toyota Tundra-Four Wheel Camper outfit, the two have extremely different yet surprisingly similar experiences and offer a smorgasbord of information to listeners joining in on this unique conversation.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (0:40-5:39) Jimmy & Leah Go On Their Own Adventures! This episode is an original concept for our podcast, and it is focused on the experiences and adventures of our hosts, Jimmy & Leah, as they reflect on what they’ve learned from hosting a wide variety of overlanding guests and applying what they’ve learned to their own adventures.

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Part 2 (5:40-10:39) Leah Shares Her Backstory and Recommendations for Role-Shifting While Traveling: Leah vulnerably shares her recent life story that has led to her most ambitious adventure yet as a solo mom adventuring with her two kids and offers suggestions for personal growth based off of the insight she has gained from her circumstances.

Part 3 (10:40-18:12) Jimmy and Leah Describe Their Challenges with Overland Navigation: On his recent adventure, Jimmy was aboard his adventure motorcycle and Leah was driving her Toyota Tundra with her Four Wheel Camper “Hawk.” They discuss their differing challenges and how they tried to overcome them in the field. Leah shares the benefits she experienced by using the onX Off-Road app. They also discuss the use of a Garmin inReach and how to operate it with the app.

Part 4 (18:13-24:25) How to Use a Garmin inReach and the Earthmate App and How to Choose a Safe Campsite: Jimmy and Leah discuss their use of the Garmin inReach and share best practices for its use. Leah offers her own self-evaluation of her navigation skills based on her most recent experience and highlights the value of selecting a safe campsite for her and her kids and how she did this.

Part 5 (24:26-37:21) Sometimes the Best Plan is No Plan–The Value of Being Flexible While Traveling and How to Thrive on an Adventure: Leah and Jimmy discuss the benefits of being flexible while traveling and finding your own unique approach to traveling. Jimmy recounts a useful story from his own recent experience trying to reach Overland Expo Pacific Northwest aboard his ADV motorcycle that highlights the need to be flexible with your traveling plans.

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Part 6 (37:22-41:03) Overland Travel with Kids: Leah shares her experience overland traveling with her two small children and offers the insight she has learned. Leah and Jimmy discuss meeting the needs of those you are traveling with (children, partner, dogs, etc.) and how this affects how you travel.

Part 7 (41:04-1:09:46) Packing for Overland Adventure: Jimmy and Leah shift their self-evaluation focus from navigation to packing for their adventure. With Jimmy packing an adventure motorcycle and Leah packing her Tundra with a Four four-wheel camper, the limitations are quite different! How did they do? Find out here as they openly discuss their successes and failures when it came to packing for their biggest adventure to date, sharing what emerged as their favorite pieces of kit and offering humorous confessions about pieces of gear they broke out of the packaging while on their journey.

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Part 8 (1:09:47-End) Adventure Recap and Final Thoughts and Tips: Jimmy and Leah recap their trips and share some final pieces of insight and a few more tips along with expressing their heartfelt sense of accomplishment at the end of their journey. The two close the episode by having some fun brainstorming their next adventures.

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