EP57 | Elevating Camp Cookin’ with Gondirtin

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Episode Description

Hot dogs and hamburgers are always a win around the campfire, but maybe you’re looking for a way to spice up your culinary experience the next time you head out on the trail.

That’s why we teamed up with Linhbergh and Karissa of “Gondirtin” for this episode. When it comes to elevating camp cooking, these two bring their A-game every time. The best part is that they know how to radically improve the taste and flavor of camp cooking by making a few simple changes that anyone can accomplish.

Listen in as XOVERLAND host and co-host, Jimmy Lewis and Leah Heffelfinger, chat it up with Karissa & Linhbergh as the two share funny stories of their first-ever camp meals, favorite ingredients, tips for cooking techniques and equipment, food history, recipes, and more.

If you’re ready to have some fun turning some heads around camp when you break out the fish sauce rather than the ketchup, and you’re interested in raising your culinary camp cooking game to the next level without having to attend culinary school–this is the episode for you!

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-3:49) Welcome Karissa and Linhbergh of Gondirtin! This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to have Karissa and Linhbergh of Gondirtin on our podcast and we’re excited to discuss camp cooking! In fact, Karissa and Linhbergh will be creating a new cooking series that we will feature on our XOVERLAND Network! Linhbergh explains what this show is all about and what episodes he and Karissa are currently working on.

Part 2 (3:50-12:01) Do you remember your first camp cooking experience? Even the best camp chefs started somewhere. Do remember the first meal you had in camp? The first camp meal you cooked? Karissa, Linhbergh, Jimmy, and Leah share stories of some of their first camp meals and cooking experiences.

Part 3 (12:02-17:08) Shift in Conscious When It Comes to Camp Cooking: When most of us think of “camp cooking,” thoughts of hot dogs, hamburgers, and smore’s come to mind, but is it possible to think of your camp kitchen like you might think of the kitchen in your home? Linhbergh & Karissa help us shift our consciousness when it comes to what’s possible to cook up in camp, and provide pro-tips for how to make it happen no matter how far away you are from home.

Part 4 (17:09-22:47) Best Camp Cooking Equipment for Vehicle-Based Adventure and Overlanding: Linhbergh discusses what he sees as a coming “golden age” of camp cooking gear and shares his and Karissa’s favorite pieces of equipment for their camp galley, explaining the benefits of “induction” stoves. L&K also share pro tips for fire safety when it comes to camp cooking with any device.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

U.S.F.S. Fire Permits (Campfires and Camp Stoves)

Part 5 (22:48-34:40) How to Store and Manage Food for Camp Cooking: From coolers and freeze-packs to powered refrigerators, Karissa and Linhbergh explain how to effectively store and manage food for vehicle-based adventures and overlanding.

Part 6 (34:41-45:57) Eating Healthy While Camping and Overlanding: Hot dogs and hamburgers might be fine for one or two nights of weekend camping, but on an extended overlanding journey that fare might get old, not to mention unhealthy. Karissa & Linhbergh discuss how you approach your camp cooking so you can eat healthy and thrive while camping without sacrificing the taste you love. Linhbergh shares his passion for the history that surrounds his efficient, camp-oriented approach to cooking.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

Gondirtin’s Favorite Recipes (Note the key ingredients (often repeated) that you might want to put in your own galley!)

Part 7 (45:58-54:57) How Do You Deal with the Dishes When Camp Cooking? Part of Linhbergh’s philosophy when it comes to camp cooking is that he accepts that with good food comes more dishes. Listen in as Linhbergh & Karissa explain how they keep up with the dishes in camp, including best practices for washing camp dishes while touring in an overland vehicle.

Part 8 (54:58-100:02) What Next When It Comes to Camp Cooking for Karissa and Linhbergh? We’re wondering what’s next for these two when it comes to elevating their own cooking game from where it’s at now. Linhbergh explains his new passion for “learning from mothers and grandmothers” and studying nomadic food making throughout history that inspire some of the new recipes he’s working on.

Part 9 (100:03-End) Linhbergh’s Favorite Cooking Ingredients! Linhbergh shares his favorite cooking ingredients, listing them out and providing details about where to find them and how to use them. Linhbergh and Karissa also share some of the items they like to store onboard their overlanding vehicle for quick meals and snacks while traveling.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

Linhbergh’s favorite ingredients:

  • Fish Sauce
  • Chicken Boullion
  • MSG

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