EP56 | XOVERLAND – The Next Chapter – an Update from Clay and Rachelle Croft, and Content & Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven

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Episode Description

On this episode, host, Jimmy Lewis, sits down with XOVERLAND co-founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft, and XOVERLAND Content and Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven, to discuss everything happening that’s been happening behind the scenes at XOVERLAND and the new vision and direction for the company.

Clay and Rachelle discuss their original vision for their business and how that has evolved into the XOVERLAND brand. Evan shares the details of the XOVERLAND Network and the many new content areas featured there, including the all-new “Creator Series,” “Trail Talk,” and expansion of the masterclass-themed “X-Class.”

Clay and Rachelle also share the details of how their original “Overlander Film Fest” has now been re-branded as The XOVERLAND Film Fest, when they expect to host it, and how the film fest can serve as a gateway to having one’s work considered for the Creator Series.”

Finally, listen in as Clay Croft reads XOVERLAND’S complete brand “Manifesto,” and Evan, Clay, and Rachelle discuss the belief and values represented by the manifesto that everyone who works at XOVERLAND strives to realize in their own lives.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-13:52) We Sit Down with Clay and Rachelle Croft Along with XOVERLAND Content and Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven, to Discuss the “Next Chapter” at XOVERLAND: Clay and Rachelle share their original vision and dream for their overlanding series, “Expedition Overland,” and explain how their vision has grown and expanded over the course of more than a decade and what the vision and mission for their brand looks like today.

Part 2 (13:53-23:42) Taking the Next Step in Growing XOVERLAND: Clay and Rachelle share the steps taken and the thinking behind growing their business to the next level, including reaching out to business consultant, Steve Bendzak, and hiring XOVERLAND’s new Director of Content & Marketing, Evan DeHaven.

Part 3 (23:43-29:46) The XOVERLAND “Manifesto”: A pillar of moving our brand forward has been clarifying our beliefs and values. That is why we decided to write and publish XOVERLAND’s “Manifesto.” Listen in as Clay reads the XOVERLAND Manifesto verbatim and we discuss the process of creating it and what it means to our vision and mission.

Part 4 (29:47-43:13) The Decision to Go to One Brand: “XOVERLAND”: XOVERLAND Content & Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven, explains the concept behind creating a single overarching brand, “XOVERLAND,” for all areas of the business and shares details about the new content areas XOVERLAND is working on: XOVERLAND Network; XOVERLAND Film Festival; Creator Series; Trail Talk; and others. (See the list and get linked to all areas of XOVERLAND’s content at XOVERLAND.com). In particular, Evan, Clay, and Rachelle discuss the details of their vision of the XOVERLAND Network.

Part 5 (43:14-46:10) Clay and Rachelle Share Their Vision for the XOVERLAND Film Festival: The “Overlander Film Festival” has now been re-branded as the XOVERLAND Film Festival. Clay and Rachelle share the history of their first overlanding-themed film festival and its evolution into the XOVERLAND Film Festival. Clay, Evan, and Rachelle discuss how the film festival can serve as a platform to be considered for XOVERLAND’s new “Creator Series.”

Part 6 (46:11-53:54) What is XOVERLAND’s X-Class Series? Evan explains the theme and vision for XOVERLAND’s new “X-Class” Series, the brand’s own unique version of a Masterclass for a variety of topics, from overland vehicle building to off-road driving and camp skills. Evan also shares the details behind XOVERLAND’s new “Trail Talk” Series. Jimmy explains just how comprehensive an XOVERLAND Masterclass series is.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

3rd Gen Masterclass Vehicle Build Series (Featured on the XOVERLAND Network)

Part 7 (53:55-End) Clay, Rachelle, and Evan’s Final Thoughts on the Future of the XOVERLAND Brand: Clay, Rachelle, and Evan share some final thoughts on their vision for the XOVERLAND Brand and the future to come.

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