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Episode Description

It’s one thing to head out camping and traveling for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months, but what about heading out on a 15-year full-time overland adventure around the world while raising your newborn child? Enter the world of Eric and Brittany Highland of Hourless Life.

Eager to spend more time together after inhabiting the world of professional marketing, Eric and Brittany purchased a Jeep Gladiator they dubbed “Dauntless,” outfitted it with a solid kit of overlanding gear, and began their multiyear journey throughout the globe.

Their son, Caspian, was literally “born to the road” as Brittany puts it, as she left the maternity ward in the U.S. and immediately jumped into the Jeep with Eric to begin their adventure into Mexico.

Talking with Eric and Brittany is a revelation into the gritty and sometimes very challenging realities of overland travel. In this episode, the couple shares what life looks like on the daily as they travel throughout Latin America en route to Ushuaia.

This unforgettable conversation explores everything from misconceptions about Mexico, to potty training along the Pan-American Highway, along with a close look into the cultural differences between Latin America and the U.S.

Whether you enjoy domestic overland travel within the U.S. or have your sights set on a R.T.W. (Round-the-World) journey, there is over a decade’s worth of full-time travel to learn from packed into this lively and candid conversation.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (0:40-6:58) Welcome Eric & Brittany Highland of Hourless Life–Straight from Cuenca, Ecuador! We welcome Britanny and Eric Highland of the YouTube Channel, Hourless Life, onto the podcast for the first time. The two of them are recording virtually from Cuenca, Ecuador, and begin the episode by sharing their origin story as overlanders.

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“The Long Game” The Origin Story of Hourless Life

Part 2 (6:59-14:08) The Story of “Caspian,” Brittany & Eric’s Son and Britanny and Eric’s Parenting Philosophy as Overlanders: As Britanny puts it, her and Eric’s son, Caspian, was “born to the road.” Eric and Britanny share the story of Caspian’s adventurous birth and their philosophy around parenting Caspian while full-time overlanding. We’re Britanny & Eric’s parents and online fans ok with Britanny and Eric’s approach to parenting? Find out in this part of the episode.

Part 3 (14:08-22:14) Overlanding with Your Family in Mexico: Is It Really Too Dangerous? Eric and Britanny weigh in on their experience overlanding through Mexico as a family with their child, Caspian, and offer their insight on safety concerns. Eric provides insight that contrasts with how many people perceive America and Mexico when it comes to safety.

Part 4 (22:15-34:16) What are the Big Cultural Differences Between the U.S. and Latin America? After years of overlanding through Mexico and Latin America, Brittany and Eric explore what they have experienced as the most striking cultural differences between the U.S. and Latin America. Eric & Brittany discuss the key differences in driving between Latin America and the U.S.

Part 5 (34:17-41:29) What Does the Average Day Look Like for an Overlanding Family Traveling Through Latin America? Brittany and Eric share the details of what a “normal” day looks like for them as a full-time overlanding family traveling through Latin America. Eric explores the differences between lifestyle global overlanding and domestic overlanding within the U.S.

Part 6 (41:30-46:02) Where Do Overlanders Camp Throughout Latin America? Brittany and Eric explain what “camping” looks like for them as overlanders traveling through Latin America. Is there lots of public land? Wildcamping options? Is most of the camping private? Is camping safe? In this part of the discussion, Brittany and Eric share their hard-earned insight on this topic.

Part 7 (46:03-50:55) What are the Emotional and Psychological Challenges of Full-Time, Lifestyle Overlanding? Jimmy wonders whether Brittany and Eric face emotional and mental challenges associated with full-time overlanding and Brittany addresses her struggles with fundamental instabilities associated with lifestyle overlanding.

Part 8 (50:56-57:49) What Are the Differences Between “Domestic Overlanding” and “International Overlanding” in a Place Like Latin America? Eric takes an extensive look at the key differences between what could be considered “domestic overlanding” (meaning overland-style travel within the U.S.) and “international overlanding” in an area of the world like Latin America, with a special emphasis on cultural differences that affect everyday travel.

Part 9 (57:50-1:01:03) How Do You Handle Education & Schooling of Your Children When Full-time Overlanding? A mother of two, Leah is very curious about how Eric and Brittany approach education and schooling for their child, Caspian. While this topic deserves an entire podcast episode, Leah and Brittany briefly discuss Caspian’s education on the road and Brittany explains the concept of “Unschooling,” a child-led educational philosophy that works well for her while overlanding with her son.

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Part 10 (1:02:04-1:04:22) What is Brittany Highland’s Life Like as a Freelance Writer? Jimmy explores Brittany’s writing life with her, and Brittany shares her background as a writer and current writing projects she’s engaged in. Jimmy and Brittany explore what might be referred to as “overlanding activism,” overlanders working to improve conditions for the people and environments in which they travel.

Part 11 (1:04:23-End) What’s Next on the Global Overlanding Journey for Brittany and Eric Highland of Hourless Life? Eric outlines where he and Brittany are now, where they’re heading, and what their long-term plans are for overlanding beyond Latin America.

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