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Overlanding Tool Kit Essentials


Whether performing regular maintenance or repairing your vehicle, it is important to know your overlanding tool kit essentials and how to optimize organization. Because each vehicle is unique and oftentimes requires its own set of tools, and depending on the type of trip you’re embarking on, knowing which items to include in your overlanding [...]

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How To Fund An Overland Trip


Perhaps you’ve decided to take the leap and depart on a long-term overland trip. But you don’t know how much it will cost. Think about your most recent vacation; how could anyone possibly budget for long-term travel? We have met many overlanders over the years that have made it work, and it is important [...]

How To Fund An Overland Trip2020-07-31T15:00:50-06:00

What Is the Best Overland Tent?


What IS the best overland tent? From soft shell to hard shell, and with many different brands to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which tent is best suited to your lifestyle. The most important question you need to ask yourself is, “Which is the best overland tent for ME?” Below we’ll [...]

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What Is the Best Overland Vehicle?


It’s been said that the best overland vehicle is a reliable one. Whether you’re embarking on a global overland trip or a weekend warrior trip, you need a vehicle that gets you out and back reliably. Fortunately, there are many good platforms out there. The first step is to determine the travel style you [...]

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How Do I Start Overlanding?


One of the most common questions we get at Expedition Overland is “How do I start overlanding?” First off, let’s review the term ‘overlanding,’ as defined by Overland Journal. Overlanding is self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanized off-road [...]

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Expedition Overland’s Guide to Vehicle Maintenance


This week we’re sharing our tips and tricks on vehicle maintenance. Although each Expedition Overland vehicle is unique, there are certain universal checks and balances we use regularly to ensure the safe and optimal performance of our fleet. These tips might seem basic at first, but if you’re getting into overlanding this information is [...]

Expedition Overland’s Guide to Vehicle Maintenance2020-08-03T08:53:29-06:00

What IS overlanding?


There has been a lot of buzz around this term, especially over the past few years, so we thought we would dive in and give our two cents, some history and information on the topic. We’ve also included some additional resources  for those who are interested in digging deeper on the subject. A brief history [...]

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How to plan an overland trip


How to Plan An Overland Trip: Do you know where to start when it comes to choosing the ultimate destination and leaving the driveway? As you plan an overland trip, we hope this tips will make the process as smooth as possible. Where should I go? – Pick a place that intrigues you. Pull up [...]

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Upgrading suspension on an overland vehicle


Over the past ten years and tens of thousands of overland travel miles across 20 sum countries, suspension has proven to be a big deal. It is important to note that your stock vehicle has suspension that’s tuned to its stock weight and for the 90% (everyday) user. But, as an overland traveler, that’s most [...]

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Tire pressure and overlanding


Many of us know that your tires are arguably the most important component of your vehicle. But did you know it’s actually not the tire that supports the weight of your vehicle, but rather the air pressure inside the tire? It’s no surprise that tire pressure influences many important characteristics of vehicle performance, such as [...]

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