EP10 | Rachelle Croft, Ashley Giordano, and Megan Walthall dive into Overland Travel for Women

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Episode Description

X Overland Co-Founder and Rebelle Rally Champion, Rachelle Croft, sits down with Ashley Giordano (Desk to Glory/Senior Editor at Overland Journal and Expedition Portal) and Megan Walthall(Walthall Family SOLO Series and Great Pursuit Series) to discuss women within the overlanding space.

How did each of them start overlanding and why? Is overlanding really that different for women? How can others encourage more women to get outside and travel? Do you really have to stop adventuring if you have kids?

These are just a few of the questions tackled in this women’s only episode of the podcast. Thanks for listening!

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:20-6:25) Intro and Welcome Megan Walthall and Ashley Giordano! Rachelle asks Ashley Giordano how she got started in overlanding. The two discuss the beginning of Desk to Glory and Ashley and Richard Giordano’s early exploits.

Part 2 (6:25-9:15) Megan Walthall Background and Start with Overlanding: Rachelle asks Megan Walthall how she got started in overlanding and the two explore Megan’s experience as talent in The Walthall Family SOLO Series and in The Great Pursuit. Megan explains the connection between backpacking and vehicle-based travel and how she and her husband enjoy overlanding as a means to family-based adventure.

Part 3 (9:20-18:30) Being a Woman in the Overlanding Space: Ashley explains her experience overlanding in Saudi Arabia and the differences between adventure travel as a man and woman. Rachelle explains how to get along in foreign countries while overlanding. Megan shares her perspective and why more women are saying “Yes” to overlanding today. The benefits of calculating risk as women overlanders.

Part 4 (18:35-27:15) How Do the Needs and Desires of Women Overlanders Differ from those of Men? Ashley explains her preferences as a woman and her needs differ from Richard’s. Rachelle explains what key questions to ask your partner to ensure a great trip. Megan explains the benefits of freely exploring different roles while overlanding. The need to bring your essentials while overlanding. Exploring your needs and desires while overlanding as a means to personal growth.

Part 5 (27:20- 29:15) Healthy Daily Routines While Overlanding: Megan explains how to keep a healthy exercise routine while overlanding. What are the “don’ts” of a healthy overlanding routine?

Part 6 (29:20-35:10) Feminine Hygiene While Overlanding: The benefits of a “grab kit” for hygiene. The need for healthy communication when it comes to bodily functions and how to best meet those needs. The feeling of vulnerability and how to address that with your partner. How to manage your bodily functions while overlanding.

Part 7 (35:20-36:50) Feminine Hygiene Equipment for Overlanding: What are the best devices to use to assist women with bodily functions while overlanding? The girls explain their favorite products and how to use them.

Part 8 (36:55- 44:10) What is the Value that Overlanding Brings to Women? How does overlanding help you grow as a woman? As a person? Rachelle explains her journey in personal growth and self-development as a woman through overlanding and rally. The need to lean into the uncomfortable. The value of solo travel while overlanding. The value of solo pursuits for self-development. The value of adventure for women. Megan explains the benefits of weapons and strength training for women and mothers to gain confidence in solo overlanding.

Part 9 (44:15- 49:00) Ashley and Megan’s Experience in Filming with X Overland: Ashley explains the challenges she and Richard faced while traveling to the Arctic Circle in winter to film the Arctic Solo Series. Megan discusses the experiences she and Bryan enjoyed while filming Walthall Family Solo Series. The value of attitude and mindset while overlanding is explained.

Part 10 (49:15- 57:25) How to Stay Safe and Secure as a Woman While Overlanding: All of the girls explain their approach to safety and security while overlanding, traveling, and adventuring and share their experiences. The value of paying attention to your intuition and instincts to stay safe. The value of a positive attitude toward others. How to use the “What if?” technique to sharpen your approach to safety and security. The value of training to prepare to protect yourself. Approaches to overland training in first-aid, self-defense, and safety and security as a means to building self-confidence. Self-defense training for mothers who overland with their children. Rachelle explains getting training in how to avoid violence and some pro tips she’s learned.

Part 11 (57:30-End) Wrap Up and Final Thoughts: How overlanding has changed and grown and how women have become a stronger presence within the overlanding space. The value of finding inspiration from other women moving forward within the overlanding space. Megan expresses her philosophy on overlanding, adventure, and parenting/motherhood. The value of bringing your kids on your adventures.

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Helpful Resources for Families Overlanding

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