EP09 | How to Start Overlanding by Motorcycle with Peter and Dan van Stralen, “The Adventure Guys”

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Episode Description

X Overland Podcast co-host, Jimmy Lewis, sits down with van Stralen brothers, Pete Jr. and Dan, of Epic Family Road Trip to discuss how to get started in overlanding by motorcycle. With Pete and Dan now having completed their first year of motorcycling, the two are eager to share all they’ve learned on their new YouTube Channel, The Adventure Guys.

Learn best practices for getting started on a motorcycle and approaches to beginning your overland journey on two wheels in this episode of the X Overland Podcast!

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-8:50) From Motorhomes to MotorcyclesIntroduction and Background with Epic Family Road Trip: 7 years of life on the road overlanding; beginnings of EFRT and evolution to Pete and Dan being on bikes. The first glimpse of an adventure rider and the appealing romanticism of motorcycles and overlanding. Growing up as overlanders. 

Part 2 (8:50-10:20) What is “Adventure Guys”? Genesis and theme; connection to EFRT.

Part 3 (10:30-17:15 ) Pete and Dan’s Background with Motorcycling; Mountain Biking vs. Motorcycling: Backyard riding on dirtbikes; mountain biking with EFRT; links between mountain biking and motorcycling; differences between mountain biking and motorcycling; benefits of a Rekluse Clutch

Part 4 (17:20-27:50) The Authenticity of “Adventure Guys” and Learning to Overland by Motorcycle: The story of the first year aboard the bikes; true stories of learning how to ride; the need for “vehicle sympathy” and the “expedition mindset” applied to overlanding by motorcycle. The benefits of a support crew.

Part 5 (28:00- 31:00) The BDR (Backcountry Discovery Route) Experience: Pete and Dan share their broad experience with a variety of BDRs; BDRs as learning tools for overlanding by motorcycle; details of BDRs explained and different routes/options.

Part 6 (31:30-35:40) Why Pete and Dan Chose KTM 690 Enduro Rs and How to Choose the Adventure Motorcycle that’s Right for You: The varying sizes of ADV bikes and what is the best fit for BDR riding; the need to be honest about where and how you’ll be riding when choosing an adventure motorcycle; the parallels between selecting an overlanding vehicle and selecting an overlanding motorcycle. 

Part 7 (35:50-42:33) What to Consider When Building and Equipping a Motorcycle for Overland Travel: The need for better lighting and upgrading your lights; wind faring; GPS mounts; exhaust; panniers; armor and protection; essential motorcycle clothing for overlanding by motorcycle

Part 8 (42:33- 48:00) Clothing and Personal Gear for Overlanding by Motorcycle: Clothing, boots, helmets, body armor, and benefits of KLIM gear. The need to consider your needs carefully and determine your riding style to select the right gear for you. The need for compromise in gear selection. 

Part 9 (48:30- 50:00) Best Practice for Getting Started on Motorcycle: When it comes to learning how to ride a motorcycle, there are best practices that can speed up the learning curve and prevent a catastrophic crash. Pete and Dan discuss their own approach to using best practices for getting started on motorcycles. 

Part 10 (50:15- 1:00) Pete Jr.s Crash: Pete Jr. honestly discusses his first major crash experienced on his first ride aboard his new KTM. Pete shares what he learned in the hope of helping others getting started on motorcycles. “Expedition Mindset” and the need for vehicle and bodily preservation. What it means to “ride smart.” The benefits of communication systems (“Comms”). Learning from your crashes and the mistakes.

Part 11 (1:00- End) What Season Two of The Adventure Guys has in Store Pete and Dan: Pete and Dan one-year into riding and overlanding by motorcycle; capitalizing on experience and new adventures ahead. Final thoughts.

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