EP25 | Beyond the Weekend: Big Expedition Planning with Scott Brady

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Episode Description

If you’re interested in learning about what separates a weekend trip of vehicle-based adventure from a big, international overlanding trip or expedition, and how to begin planning your own big overlanding trip abroad, this is the episode for you.

Join Clay as he sits down at the hangar with Overland Journal founder and CEO, Scott Brady, to discuss how best to plan and prepare for taking a major overland trip or expedition abroad.

Mindset, financial planning, vehicle selection and preparation, skills training, and team/family/group dynamics pertaining to big overlanding adventures are all discussed in detail here with accessible strategies and tips shared by both Scott and Clay.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-10:15) Intro to Scott Brady and Definitions of Overlanding vs. Expedition: A little bit about Scott Brady and his background as a global traveler along with the background behind Clay and Scott’s friendship and partnership in international overlanding adventure. Scott Brady provides his definition of “overlanding” and explains how overlanding differs from an “expedition,” providing several examples from his own experience.

Part 2 (10:20-15:45) How should I plan for a big international overlanding trip? Let’s say you’d like to go overlanding across Africa? South America? The Middle East? Scott explains approaches to planning an overlanding trip of this level, where to start and how to learn from his mistakes. Are you traveling solo? With a partner or family? Scott and Clay explore these dynamics and how to work together to set healthy expectations.15:45

Part 3 (15:45-25:00) What is “Expedition Overland” and what are we doing when we travel? Clay goes into detail about exactly what is meant by “Expedition Overland” and what the model is for his filmmaking expeditions. Then both Clay and Scott discuss the challenges of leadership, their failures, and what they’ve learned from them, and the importance of team dynamics.

Part 4 (25:00-28:20) Taking Seasons and Weather into Account when Planning a Major Overlanding Trip Abroad: Clay and Scott examine the differences in seasons (“seasonality”) and weather and how these conditions affect your overland trip planning.

Part 5 (28:25-31:00) Overland and Solo Travel: Scott explains the risks and the value of solo travel, and the statistics around adventuring and life expectancy. The results may surprise you!

Part 6 (31:00-34:00) Budgeting for a Big International Overlanding Trip: Scott explains why fiinanicial acumen and careful financial planning is important for overland travel, especially when it comes to big trips, providing tips and techniques, and frameworks for doing this work.

Part 7 (34:00-37:40) How to Budget your Time for Big Overlanding Trips: Many people consider the financial costs when planning a large overlanding trip, but not everyone considers the need to budget your time. Scott and Clay discuss the benefits of planning your route in terms of budgeting your time effectively for both reasons of safety and enjoyment of your experience.

Part 8 (37:45-41:10) What is the ideal number of vehicles for a big overlanding trip? One vehicle? Two? Three? Six? What number of vehicles is the ideal number for a large overlanding adventure? Scott and Clay examine these and other dynamics to assist in how to best plan an overlanding trip and reduce unnecessary complexity.

Part 9 (41:10-49:00) How do you best build and equip your vehicle for big overlanding trips? Scott explains best practices for building out a vehicle for big internationally-focused overlanding trips.

Part 10 (49:00-52:00) What is the best equipment and gear to pack for a big overlanding trip? When it comes to gearing up for your trip, Scott explains the need to talk to people who have been to the places you want to travel and why it is important not to take advice from those who haven’t.

Part 11 (52:00-54:20) How do you ship a vehicle overseas for big overlanding trips? Both Scott and Clay know a few things about shipping vehicles abroad. The two discuss how to do this effectively including the value of hiring a competent “shipping agent.”

Part 12 (54:20-57:15) Skills Training for Big Overlanding Trips: Scott explains the value and benefits behind getting adequate and redundant training in preparation for big overlanding trips, including why both you and your partner should be adequately trained in similar skills. Driving skills, skills in using overlanding equipment, and in medical and survival training are all discussed here.

Part 13 (57:15-END) Wrap up and Review of the Major Components of Planning for a Big Overlanding Trip along with Scott Brady’s definition of an “Adventure” and how an adventure differs from a “Vacation”: Clay and Scott bring the episode to a close by reviewing the most important considerations when planning, preparing, and packing for a big overlanding trip. Scott explains the mindset of an adventurer vs. someone going on a vacation, and the value of embracing the former.

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