EP50 | Getting Stoked for Overland Expo West 2023 w/ Eva Rupert

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Episode Description

With one week to go till Overland Expo West 2023, we have event planner and all-around adventure woman, Eva Rupert, on the podcast to discuss what to expect at this year’s Overland Expo West!

Overland Expo West is a massive event full of overlanders and exhibitors from all over the world. It is an event that will excite both those new to overlanding as well as seasoned veterans. There is so much to see and do, and Eva is here to share details about activities and events taking place at Expo and how to strategies to create a plan that’s best for you.

We also have Rachelle Croft joining us for this episode to share the history of X Overland at Expo and along with a few tidbits about what fans can expect from us this year.

Beyond activities and events within the event, Eva provides a detailed look at the food and beverages, parties, and giveaways that will take place at Expo this year.

Finally, learn everything you need to know about how to attend whether you’ll be staying in Flagstaff or camping at the event itself as Eva covers ticket sales, public transportation, and event facilities available to overlanders.

It’s Overland Expo West 2023! Join us for the conversation to help you prepare for all it has to offer!

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-9:25) Welcome Eva Rupert and Rachelle Croft and a Look at the History of Overland Expo: Eva Rupert shares a little bit about the history of Overland Expo West and some stories about the event’s beginnings; Rachelle shares the history of X Overland at Overland Expo. Eva provides details about the setting for Overland Expo at Flagstaff, Arizona.

Part 2 (9:26-12:25) Is Overland Expo a Helpful Event for Those New to Overlanding? Eva explains why Overland Expo is a great event for those interested in or just starting out as overlanders providing detailed information about classes and educational opportunities at Expo.

Part 3 (12:26-16:24) What’s Available for Adventure (ADV) Motorcycling at Overland Expo West 2023? Eva shares her passion for ADV Motorcycling and shares details about the many activities for adventure motorcyclists at Overland Expo West this year.

Part 4 (16:25-18:40) A Look at All of the Different Overlanding Platforms Present at Overland Expo: From lightweight, dual-sport motorbikes to giant Earth Roamers, there is nearly every overlanding platform you can think of (and then some) available to check out at Overland Expo West. Eva shares what this looks like for someone attending the event and some of her favorite ways to see all of these awesome overland vehicles.

Part 5 (18:41-27:54) What Are Some Strategies for Optimizing Your Experience at Overland Expo West 2023? There is just so much to see and do at Overland Expo that experiencing the event can be overwhelming. Rachelle and Eva both share some strategies to optimize your experience at Overland Expo so you can get the most out of your time there. Eva explains how Overland Expo West is set up geographically and what one can expect to see and experience as they navigate around the event.

Part 6 (27:55-31:25) What is the Nightlife Like at Overland Expo West? Rachelle shares the history of the now famous “Expo Party” hosted by Paul May of Equipt Outfitters and Mario Donovan of AT Overland along with the team at X Overland. Rachelle provides some details about this year’s party and hints that X Overland might be making some big announcements about their plans for 2023!

Part 7 (31:26-34:08) Electric Vehicles (EVs) at Overland Expo West 2023: Jimmy explains how EVs are a major theme at this year’s Overland Expo and Eva provides some details about what vehicles and concepts will be featured there this year.

Part 8 (34:10-35:33) What is the Schedule for Overland Expo West 2023? Eva provides the details of when the event starts and ends and what kind of activities and tone accompany each day of the event: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Part 9 (35:34-37:59) How to Prepare for Overland Expo West: Eva shares pro tips for how to dress and what to pack to be prepared for the weather conditions and activities at Overland Expo West. Clothes, shoes, backpacks, water, sunblock, and funds for the weekend are all covered, as are types of food, drinks, and facilities you can expect there.

Part 9 (38:00-40:21) What is the Food Like at Overland Expo? Is There a Bar? Eva provides the details of the many options available for eating and drinking at Overland Expo West this year–from food courts, to coffee, to bars. Eva also provides the details of other big events you can attend at Overland Expo, like the Friday night “Moto Party” and the Saturday night “Overland Expo Foundation Raffle.”

Part 10 (40:24-41:15) What is the Overland Expo Foundation? Eva explains what the Overland Expo Foundation is and a little bit about the current work the foundation is doing to support the overlanding community.

Part 11 (41:15-45:06) How Do I Buy Tickets for Overland Expo and What Else Do I Need to Know? Eva explains how to buy tickets to attend this year’s Overland Expo West and how to obtain camping passes (must be bought online ahead of time). She also explains how parking and public transportation are managed at the event and a few final details to be prepared for the show.

Part 12 (45:06-End) Why is Overland Expo the Ultimate Overland Gathering? Eva and Jimmy discuss the “vibe” around Overland Expo and the many different overlanders who go out of their way to travel to this event every year. Eva shares resources for questions people might have about the event as well as social media resources for Overland Expo and herself.

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