WARN has been a longtime sponsor of Expedition Overland. We have used a full line of their winches, from the VR to the new ZEON Platinum. In our experience we have had failures with other winch brands, and WARN has continued to the be best. We’ve used WARN winches and other gear for multiple recovery scenarios as well as tools for clearing the trail, as in the first round through the MacKenzie Trail. Below is a reference to what WARN has to say about our partnership and the current products we are running on right now.

5DM38965Since 1948, Warn Industries has been at the forefront of four-wheel drive vehicles, and pioneered the electric winch. The company is founded on a culture of innovation, and is continually pushing the limits of performance and technology to help overlanders and four-wheel drive enthusiasts worldwide “GO PREPARED” for their journeys—whether it’s a weekend on the trail or a lifetime crossing continents.

All of the Expedition Overland vehicles are equipped with WARN winches, specifically the WARN ZEON Platinum. This winch is both powerful, reliable, and technologically advanced. It features the one-of-a-kind Advanced Wireless Remote that not only allows wireless operation of the winch, but also engages and disengages the clutch, operates two 12-volt accessories that are plugged directly into the winch, and displays the vehicle’s battery level and the winch’s motor temperature. The ZEON Platinum’s waterproof construction ensures the elements stay out, while its metal armor helps to both dissipate heat and protect the winch. Spydura synthetic is up to the big pulling tasks, and is lightweight and easy to handle. Add to that fast line speed, beefed-up gear train, and six-segment cone brake, and this winch is ready for whatever the trail will throw at it.

The team is also outfitted with a variety of WARN accessories, including the full suite in the WARN Epic lineup. The Epic Snatch Block, Epic Shackles, and Epic Tree Trunk Protector all feature forged metal construction for exceptional durability, and an e-coating to prevent corrosion. Other accessories include WARN winching gloves—a must when using a winch—and WARN winch line dampers, which should be used for safe winching techniques.

Warn products are backed by a global service organization, meaning no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to get assistance with your WARN products.

When it comes to these sorts of tools on your vehicle, there’s only one option: the best. The rest will fail you especially when you rarely use a winch. The WARN brand will continue to the most reliable, no matter how often it’s used.

Written On: April 27, 2017

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