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Camera Gear

Our resident solo, adventure traveler and camera expert, Nate, walks us through critical gear he personally takes on excursions. He chats through gear specs and [...]


In this episode, Jeff first explains the purpose and importance of a snorkel on your vehicle. Next he takes us through the main points of [...]

Roof Racks

In this episode Jeff shows us the versatility of a roof rack and what to look for when considering roof rack for your overland rig. [...]

Battery Systems

Battery systems can be problematic. Here Jeff takes us through some simple, yet effective battery set-ups while explaining how to find your power needs. [...]

Winching Safety and Tips

Link for stretching steel and synthetic line: https://www.warn.com/corporate/assets/pdf/75013-A2_read.pdf#page=6 Link for winch maintenance: https://warnindustries.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/winch-maintenance-is-as-important-as-your-4x4s-maintenance/ Starting off with winching safety and tips, Jeff walks through some guidelines [...]


A follow-up to our "Sleep Systems" episode, Jeff walk us through the Habitat, the latest addition to our sleep systems. The habitat provides both [...]

Body Armor

Protecting your vehicle on the road is an important perspective to have (if you want your vehicle to last!). Jeff shares the different modifications we've [...]


When it comes to getting out of sticky situations on the trail, and although everyone's needs are different when it comes to vehicle recovery, [...]

Medical Bag

Safety is an important part of any expedition, and being prepared with both equipment and training are precautions the Crew takes for every trip. [...]

Sleep Systems

When overlanding, a comfortable sleep system is a must to keep you well rested and ready for whatever adventure lies ahead. However, there are many [...]

Food Storage

Food is important on any journey; without it bad things can happen and people get cranky. In this "Oh Hey There" Jeff shares a few [...]