Nena Barlow


Nena Barlow grew up in the Southwest, exploring the back roads by Jeep, horse, and hiking boots. She has been in the 4wd business since 1992, providing tours, 4wd instruction, location scouting, event planning, trail mapping, public land use education, and off road recovery. She has logged thousands of hours in the backcountry [...]

Nena Barlow2023-03-21T16:10:18-06:00

Carol van Stralen – Epic Family Road Trip


I have been traveling and off grid living with my family of 5 (plus dog!) full-time for over 7 years. During this time I have been learning the art of outdoor cooking. Some of my favorite techniques include open-fire cooking, cast-iron meals, and making elaborate meals using minimalist methods. We have been documenting [...]

Carol van Stralen – Epic Family Road Trip2023-02-14T16:05:58-07:00

Brian Fulton, Owner/Founder Goose Gear


I am the founder of Goose Gear, established in 2014, which was inspired and started because of my daughter, who I call Goose. I previously worked in the cabinetry and contracting business, so I was able to easily transfer that work and knowledge into Goose Gear. I love to off Road and Camp, [...]

Brian Fulton, Owner/Founder Goose Gear2023-02-07T09:02:59-07:00

Laura Titensor – Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker, Owner/Founder Crayons and Cairns Foundation, editor at X Overland


Hello Overlanders! My name is Laura and I am a cinematographer/film editor, if we want to get all fancy with it. In reality I’m just a passionate person with a firm belief that we (us humans) can and should live a life that fights for our dreams to become realities, whatever they may [...]

Laura Titensor – Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker, Owner/Founder Crayons and Cairns Foundation, editor at X Overland2023-01-17T19:34:49-07:00

Matt Caldwell, Executive Director of Tread Lightly


Matt became the Executive Director for Tread Lightly! in October of 2020. Tread Lightly! is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible, motorized recreation through stewardship/conservation projects and ethics education to ensure off-roading opportunities are available for future generations. As Executive Director, Matt is responsible for the strategic direction, operations, [...]

Matt Caldwell, Executive Director of Tread Lightly2023-01-06T09:44:17-07:00

Jeremy Thor Bergh Founder/CEO of Alu-Cab Campers


I am Jeremy Bergh, entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast and founder of Alu-Cab. I started my career path in business as a plumber but I really consider myself a creative entrepreneur. Founded Alu-Cab some 20 years ago when I realised there were no ideal products available that suited both my business needs and my adventurous [...]

Jeremy Thor Bergh Founder/CEO of Alu-Cab Campers2023-01-04T08:52:23-07:00

Paul May


Paul is the owner of Equipt Expedition Outfitters. His goal has always been–and continues to be–to “import the best vehicle expedition equipment on the planet to the North American Market.” Paul has been exploring by vehicle for more than 30 years and takes pride in the knowledge and insight he has gained from [...]

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Justin Montesalvo


The most extraordinary thing about Justin Montesalvo is that he’s really rather ordinary. Forget that his award-winning camper trailers and Supertourers have revolutionised a global industry, or that he and his family star in a television series exploring ridiculously inaccessible terrains. The Managing Director of Patriot Campers is just a simple Aussie bloke [...]

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Kurt Williams


Kurt Williams has been a Land Cruiser owner since the time he was 15. His passion for 4x4s and business management skills have made Cruiser Outfitters--a business specializing exclusively in Toyota Land Cruisers--stand out in the four-wheel drive retail industry. As a member of several 4x4 clubs (Wasatch Cruiser Club, Utah 4 Wheel [...]

Kurt Williams2022-10-25T20:19:21-06:00

Cyrus Croft


The eldest of the three Croft boys, Cyrus Croft has truly grown up with overlanding and now plays a key role in his family’s growing business. At 17-years-old, when not overlanding around the world with the XO team or working at the hangar, Cyrus attends his local public high school as a junior [...]

Cyrus Croft2022-10-18T20:36:52-06:00