EP17 | Power Management Systems for Overlanding with John Brothers of REDARC

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Episode Description

What is a “Power Management System” and why is it helpful (some might say essential) to have in an overland vehicle? How do you set up a power management system in your overland vehicle and how do you use it?

Here at Expedition Overland, we have used REDARC Power Management Systems for years. As a team that films our overland adventures, a capable and reliable power management system in our vehicles is essential to our work. That’s why we are proud to be partnered with REDARC Electronics and grateful for the exceptional quality of their products.

If you’re like a lot of people who may be new to the overlanding space, you have probably heard the brand name “REDARC” used on multiple occasions and may have even seen a REDARC monitor in an overland vehicle. Perhaps you’ve even seen someone controlling their vehicle’s lighting and electronic devices from an app on their phone and wondered how they did that. You may be wondering what a REDARC system is exactly, why it’s important, and how you use it.

Simply put, a REDARC system is a power management system for an overland vehicle.

Join X Overland Podcast host, Jimmy Lewis and REDARC brand representative, John Brothers, at Expo West 2022 in an attempt to answer these questions and to address everything you need to know to develop an understanding of electronic power management systems in overland vehicles.

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-5:00) Intro/History of REDARC Electronics: John shares the background of REDARC Electronics as an Australian-born company and how that fact translates into the quality and reliability of the product.

Part 2 (5:00-13:00) What is a REDARC System, exactly? What is a “Power Management System”? Jimmy role-plays as a newcomer to the overlanding space and John explains what a “power management system” is exactly and the vital role it occupies in an overlanding vehicle.

Part 3 (13:00-24:30) What Does Effective Battery Management Look Like and How Does a Power Management System Accomplish this Task? John explains the importance of effective power management in keeping your house/auxiliary batteries in good working condition and how this is accomplished by means of an effective battery management system.

Part 4 (24:30-28:40) What are the Different Types of Power Management Systems? John explains the different types of power management systems available and the REDARC models that address these areas of battery/power management.

Part 5 (28:40-36:00) What is a Power Inverter? John explains exactly what a “Power Inverter” is, how it works, how it can be used and how to effectively manage it for optimal use.

Part 6 (36:00-47:50) How to Utilize Solar Power for Overlanding and Getting Off-Grid: John and Jimmy discuss the benefits of using solar power for getting off-grid comfortably and sustainably. John explains how a solar panel works in conjunction with a solar charger and complete power management system.

Part 7 (47:50-End) What Does a Total Vehicle Power Management System Look Like? Is it possible to control all aspects of your overland vehicle’s power management system with an app.? John explains the REDARC Redvision concept of “TVMS” (Total Vehicle Management System) and how you can use an app to manage all aspects of your vehicle’s power system.

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