EP18 | Who is Scott Brady? Clay Croft Sits Down for a Conversation with Fellow Adventurer, Scott Brady

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Episode Description

Clay sits down for a conversation with a mentor of his own, Overland Journal and Expedition Portal founder and CEO, Scott Brady. Join the discussion, as Scott Brady shares his own start in adventure travel and overlanding along with his current travel philosophy and approach to building overland vehicles.

Clay and Scott additionally enjoy discussing their shared traveling experiences while on expedition together in Greenland and on the E7 (Expeditions 7) expedition across all seven of the earth’s continents.

Finally, the two share an intimate discussion about living one’s life with an open mind and the need to appreciate differences to nurture a supportive community in any space, physical or digital.

This unique episode provides a rare look into the minds of two celebrated men who have worked hard to bring the joy of overlanding into the lives of many while continuing to explore their own vision within the world of adventure travel.

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Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-5:10) Introduction to Scott Brady: Clay lists Scott’s accomplishments and explores the history behind the accomplished individual. What’s Scott Brady’s story? Scott talks about his upbringing in Southern California, his background in the Air Force, and how and when he began traveling.

Part 2 (5:10-12:30) How did Scott Brady develop an interest in Overland Vehicles and off-road travel? Scott explains his exposure to Camel Trophy and his passion to pursue competing in this esteemed event. Scott elaborates on his first off-road vehicle and experiences in learning how to drive off-road along with providing details of his subsequent vehicles and the learning curve he experienced driving them.

Part 3 (12:30-14:30) What were Scott Brady’s first overland trips? Scott describes his first significant overland trips in Copper Canyon, Mexico and to the Arctic in his iconic Toyota Tacoma. Clay Croft describes how Scott Brady’s vehicle-based adventure travels become an inspiration for him to begin his own overlanding career.

Part 4 (14:30-20:00) The Start of Overland Journal Magazine: Scott explains the inspiration and motivation behind his founding of Overland Journal magazine. Scott discusses the assistance he received from Overland Journal co-founder, Jonathan Hanson, and the thinking behind the beginning of Overland Journal. Scott also discusses the assistance of Mario Donovan of AT Overland, and the experience behind publishing the journal’s first issue in the spring of 2007. Clay explains his own introduction to overlanding by means of the Overland Journal.

Part 5 (20:00-25:00) Is Overlanding accessible to the average person? How do you get started in Overlanding? Scott Brady explains his first major overland experiences and Clay and Scott discuss how the world of overlanding can be accessible to those who have an interest.

Part 6 (25:00-32:00) Exploring the Purpose Behind Different Types of Overland Travel: Clay and Scott discuss how there are different purposes people have behind their overland adventures. Whether making a film, attempting to traverse a particularly challenging landscape, or traveling slowly to experience a wide variety of cultures, people overland travel for a wide variety of reasons. Clay and Scott discuss these differences, their own experiences, and the validation behind different types of travel.

Part 7 (32:00-41:10) What is Scott Brady’s Truck Building Philosophy? Scott explains his philosophy regarding vehicle building vs. travel, itself. He further explains the need to look into the limitations of vehicles and to figure out what vehicle is best for your intended type of travel. Clay discusses his own philosophy toward both his XO trucks and his personal vehicles.

Part 8 (41:10-45:10) Scott Brady and Clay Croft Discuss the Value of an Open Mind and Appreciating Others’ Reasons for Doing What They Do: Clay and Scott get at the joy and growth that comes from refraining from judgment and approaching others interests with an open mind and a sense of appreciation.

Part 9 (45:10-End) Scott Brady’s Travel Philosophy: Scott discusses the difference between knowledge and experience, and the benefits of testing knowledge with experience. Scott and Clay share their travel advice for newcomers to overlanding.

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