EP71 | “Going Out to Go In” – Exploring Yourself By Exploring the World w/MAK & Owen of Bound for Nowhere

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Episode Description:  

For this episode, Jimmy & Leah sit down for an expansive conversation with MAK (Mary Ashley Krogh) and Owen of Bound for Nowhere.

MAK & Owen share the details of how they became close friends with other traveling creatives like Karissa & Linhbergh of gondirtin and Chase & Aimee of Tight Loops Fly, and we discuss the unique qualities of the overland travel community.

Then jump in with us for a very deep dive into MAK & Owen’s particular traveling philosophy and how it manifests itself within their work featured in the content of Bound for Nowhere.

Finally, enjoy catching a glimpse of what’s next for this adventure-artist couple, learn how they have fun and stay safe on the road, and find time for journaling, photography, hiking, and other activities while full-time traveling.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (0:40-9:13) We Welcome MAK & Owen of Bound for Nowhere! Leah and Jimmy sit down with MAK & Owen of Bound for Nowhere. We discover the origin story of how MAK & Owen came to know Karissa & Linhbergh of gondirtin, and all of us explore the unique qualities of friendships and community built through adventure travel.

XOVERLAND Podcast Episode with Karissa & Linhbergh of gondirtin

Part 2 (9:14-18:41) Living Lives of Integrity: MAK & Owen explore their philosophy and identity as individuals, a couple, and as travelers, looking at how this impacts their experience with others and shapes their own unique story. Leah looks at the irony of MAK & Owen’s purpose and direction within the framework of “Bound for Nowhere.”

Part 3 (18:42-22:26) The Traveler’s Education: MAK & Owen explain their love of learning and how their travels feed this passion. We explore the kind of learning that comes from MAK & Owen’s style of travel and how that manifests within their content. 

Part 4 (22:27-27:42) What do MAK & Owen Do, Exactly? Jimmy asks MAK & Owen to explain what they do, exactly, as content creators and MAK does her best to explain the theme and framework of her and Owen’s content creation. MAK shares that their goal as creators is to document the personal growth that comes through travel and what it looks like to “go out to go in.”

Part 5 (31:58-33:55) What is the Origin Story of MAK & Owen’s Bound for Nowhere? Owen delves into how he and MAK got started in their creative work as travelers and we take a look at the collection of work that comprise Bound for Nowhere, including MAK & Owen’s newest series of exploration in Baja, Todo Bein.

Part 6 (33:56-38:59) Finding Time to Document What You Experience: Finding time to journal and document one’s travel experience is exciting in theory but very hard to accomplish in practice. MAK & Owen explain their philosophy of slowing down while traveling and the value of doing so to facilitate journaling and a deeper traveling experience.

Part 7 (39:00-47:49) A Look at MAK & Owen’s New Overland Build: Owen explains how their new overland vehicle build, a 2023 Gen 3 Toyota Tundra paired with a Norweld Flatbed supporting a Four Wheel Camper Hawk facilitates his and MAK’s desire for slow and deliberate travel and the documentation of their experiences. We explore the overall qualities of their various build since they got started traveling. We also discuss MAK’s emotional relationship with vehicles and where this attachment comes from.

Part 8 (47:50-54:37) Is Bound for Nowhere Going International? Given the couple’s penchant for experiencing lesser-known places throughout the U.S., Jimmy wonders about how MAK & Owen will approach their international travels and if they will stay with this unusual approach to their adventures. MAK & Owen discuss their thoughts when it comes to their upcoming travels abroad.

Part 9 (54:38-1:02:27) How Your Philosophy of Traveling Affects Your Experience: We look closely at MAK & Owen’s traveling philosophy and how it impacts their experiences. MAK shares some personal stories from her and Owen’s travels that illustrate their philosophy, including a surprising moment in Newfoundland.

Part 10 (1:02:28-1:06:09) Staying Safe While Traveling: MAK & Owen explain their approach to staying safe while traveling and how they trust their feelings and gut instincts and do their best to make the wisest decisions they can when confronted with troubles and dangers of all kinds.

***See our podcast with security and mobility expert and former U.S. Special Forces Operator, Mike Glover, of Field Craft Survival.***

Part 11 (1:06:10-End) What’s Next for Bound for Nowhere and What are the Takeaways from Our Conversation with MAK & Owen? MAK & Owen share a bit about what’s next for them and some final thoughts on their life philosophy, and Leah and Jimmy end with some key takeaways they have from the conversation.

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