EP58 | Will We Run Out of Water? Handling Water Anxiety with Guzzle H20

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Episode Description

Water management and purification while hiking and backpacking is one thing, but managing a large quantity of water to supply an overlanding vehicle and several occupants over the duration of an extended trip is a whole different situation.

Even if you are not heading out for an extended overland journey in less developed countries, meeting your hydration needs for something like a weekend of mountain biking or a week-long vacation in the remote backcountry will require an effective plan and the necessary equipment to make this possible.

To address this need, we brought Guzzle H20 co-founder, Tyler Bech, onto the podcast to discuss best practices for sourcing, purifying, and managing large quantities of water for overlanders and anyone interested in vehicle-supported recreation of any kind.

XOVERLAND has been partnered with Guzzle H20 for years now and for good reason: Their products are truly unique and function perfectly to resupply our team with large quantities of water on expeditions around the world.

In this episode, you will learn the actual science behind water purification, including the fundamental differences between “filtration” and “purification” and why it is necessary to pay close attention to all aspects of your water management if you wish to stay healthy and have good tasting water while recreating out of your vehicle.

You will additionally learn what an effective mindset for water management looks like, how to effectively source water for purification, and how to avoid the common pitfalls made by many attempting to purify water no matter what kind of method or device used.

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-11:06) Welcome Tyler Beck, Co-Founder Guzzle H20: Tyler explains his background in sailing and marine culture and how marine/boating culture is analogous to overlanding and vehicle-based recreation. Tyler explains the origin story behind the founding of Guzzle H20 in the space of professional sailing.

Part 2 (11:07-15:59) Bringing a High-Capacity Water Purification and Filtration System to the Overlanding Space: Tyler and Jimmy discuss bringing a high-capacity water purification and filtration system to the overlanding space/market and Guzzle’s first foray into Overland Expo.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

Bob Wohlers’ “Off-Road Safety Academy”

Part 3 (16:00-22:40) Why is Water Purification Important and How Can You Purify Large Quantities of Water for Vehicle-Based Adventure? Tyler explains the concept of “water anxiety” for overlanders, vehicle-based adventures of all kinds, sailers, and other adventurers. For example, if a team of mountain bikers or rock climbers is camped remotely, there will be a tremendous need for purified water to keep everyone hydrated. Tyler and Jimmy discuss how to do this and the advantages of being able to source water in the field.

Part 4 (22:41-38:51) A Close Look at the Science Behind Water Purification: There are a lot of different means of purifying water in terms of devices and techniques, but what is the science behind purifying water? What is the difference between “filtration” and “purification”? Tyler explains how filtration works, the concept of “adsorption,” and the scientific process occurring when we’re purifying water. Tyler further explains the science of exactly how U.V. (Ultraviolet) light purification/sterilization of water works.

Part 5 (38:52-42:43) What are the Best Practices for Sourcing Water for Purification? Is spring water always safe to drink? Is well water the best source for obtaining your water? When you’re on the trail, how do you determine the best sources for water supply and purification? Tyler explains how to identify the best sources for resupplying and purifying your water and Jimmy shares what an effective mindset for water supply management looks like.

Part 6 (42:44-51:45) What are the Different Options/Systems Offered by Guzzle H20 for Water Filtration and Purification? Guzzle H20 offers a variety of products designed to meet the needs of those needing to manage and resupply large quantities of water. Tyler explains the differences among the products offered by Guzzle H20 and what unit is best suited for different use cases from overlanding to Vanlife.

Extra Resources Mentioned in this Part of the Episode:

Purifying Water with Guzzle H20’s “Stream” Instructional Video

Guzzle H20’s “Stealth” Example Install Video

Part 7 (51:46-End) What are Common Mistakes People Make When Attempting to Purify Water and How Can They Be Avoided? As an expert in water purification and designer of water purification products, Tyler shares the common mistakes people make when attempting to purify water, taking a look at things like sedimentation, winterization and freezing issues, maintenance concerns, and the benefits of learning how to use your purification unit (whatever device or method) before heading out on a trip.

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