We’ve run General Tires from Prudhoe Bay to the Darien Gap. Let that sink in for a moment. The furthest between two points you can get on the North American continent.  They’ve endured some of the roughest roads in the world, incredibly technical terrain in parts-unknown, and perhaps what’s most-relatable, week-in and week-out of local trails in Montana.

It’s worth nothing that we’re not just using these tires when we’re off filming Expedition Overland or going four-wheeling on the weekends in the local mountains. We’re trusting these tires with our most precious cargo—which isn’t cameras or footage, rather our kids—trusting that these tires will stop when we put the pedal down, or give us the grip to get through a patch of ice. General Grabber AT2’s are Snowflake Approved and unlike other all-terrain tires on the market feature a stud-able design for the ultimate in winter performance.

Between our changes in expedition vehicles and the needs of our trips, we’ve been through a few sets of General AT2s, and we’ve never come close to seeing them wear down—no matter how hard we tried, or how many aired-down miles we tortured them with. It’s nice to know that General stands behind it with a 60,000 mile warranty, because big, oversized tires aren’t cheap these days, and that means more dollars into the fuel tank for adventures.

Grabber ST2

They’re Quiet:
The acoustically-engineered tread pattern makes the ever-present drone of aggressive tires a thing of the past. This way, the interior of our 4Runner can stay as quiet as it was when it rolled off the line. We’re not sure how General made a tire that performs so well in rocks, snow, and mud, without howling like a banshee…but we’re impressed.

Availability of Sizes:
General makes an AT2 for everyone, at a good price. Seriously, no matter if you’re driving a Subaru or a lifted 4X4 that needs 35s, you’re going to be set with an AT2. With over 50 different dimensions available, you’ll no longer have to settle for a tire size that’s not perfect for your vehicle.

The Perfect Blend of Aggressive and Road Worthy:
We’re a fan of the classic tread pattern of the General Grabber AT2. It’s aggressive enough to give your vehicle the look you’re after, and the off-road performance you need, without sacrificing too much when you’re out on the road. When you’re cruising down the highway (presumably on your way to an epic off-road adventure) the road manners are confidence-inspiring and nearly transparent—you’d never guess you fitted an aggressive tire. However once you air down and take them through the rough stuff, you’ll be impressed with their capability. Plenty of traction blocks and generous siping means your tire has plenty of available edges to grip onto whatever is going to keep you moving forward.

Written On: August 31, 2016

General Tire

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Grabber AT2