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Recovery Using Winches: WARN Products Rise to the Task


WARN has been a longtime sponsor of Expedition Overland. We have used a full line of their winches, from the VR to the new ZEON Platinum. In our experience we have had failures with other winch brands, and WARN has continued to the be best. We’ve used WARN winches and other [...]

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Whether you are new to the Overland community, or a long standing participant, most people have heard of or seen an ARB product at some point. That's because this company has seriously put their time in, starting in 1975 out of family garage in Australia. They saw a need for some [...]


Adventure Trailer Habitat


The overlanding community has continued to grow as new technology and engineering have developed new products to accommodate for the utilities and comforts of the lifestyle. The Habitat is no exception and we’ve had the privilege of testing out this new system. And we have not been disappointed. Weighing in at [...]

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Where oh where would we be without our beloved MAXTRAX? And we do mean beloved. We don’t go anywhere without these little beauties and we never will. So, what are MAXTRAX? Simply put, “they are a lightweight vehicle recovery device”, also known as ‘sand ladders’, or ‘sand tracs’. Designed, engineered, and [...]


XO A360 Vehicle Trauma Kit


The Crofts started playing a new game with their 3 boys whenever there was time to kill, usually in the car, which they calls ‘scenario’. Clay comes up with a situation then asks each boy what he would do. *Also look up ‘CONFLICTED’ on Amazon for a sweet card game* [...]

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