Where oh where would we be without our beloved MAXTRAX? And we do mean beloved. We don’t go anywhere without these little beauties and we never will. So, what are MAXTRAX? Simply put, “they are a lightweight vehicle recovery device”, also known as ‘sand ladders’, or ‘sand tracs’. Designed, [...]

XO A360 Vehicle Trauma Kit

The Crofts started playing a new game with their 3 boys whenever there was time to kill, usually in the car, which they calls ‘scenario’. Clay comes up with a situation then asks each boy what he would do. *Also look up ‘CONFLICTED’ on Amazon for a sweet [...]

General Tire Grabber X3

After a great run with the General Tire Grabber AT2, we were stoked to try out the new Grabber X3. Engineered as a mud terrain tire, the Grabber X3 has all the grit needed for off-roading in the mud, dirt, and rock. With wider siping, these tires allow for [...]

CBI Off Road Front Bumpers

When thinking about building an overlanding vehicle that also doubles as your grocery-getter, soccer-practice-dispatcher, and the in-law’s chauffeur, you need a rig that isn’t overloaded with constant extra weight. So when building our new X3 Tacoma, we took into consideration the option of the Aluminum Gen 3 Front Bumper [...]

General Tires Grabber AT2

We’ve run General Tires from Prudhoe Bay to the Darien Gap. Let that sink in for a moment. The furthest between two points you can get on the North American continent.  They’ve endured some of the roughest roads in the world, incredibly technical terrain in parts-unknown, and perhaps what’s [...]

Adventure Trailer Drawer Systems

When you’re on an expedition, or an extended overland journey, your vehicle is your home, except it’s a lot smaller. With no separation of living, eating, and sleeping space, every inch counts. And if we’re being honest with you, though we try hard, some of our team members aren’t [...]

CBI Off Road Rear Bumpers

You’re halfway through a notoriously rocky trail with your suspension is completely flexed-out. Your 4X4 is leaning so far back you think it’s going to do an endo, and the worst happens: you destroy a tire on a jagged rock. We’re not talking something a puncture kit and a [...]

Factor 55 ProLink and FlatLink

At Expedition Overland, we’re all about getting out there and having an epic adventure, but we’re also about getting home safely. That’s why we take our recovery gear seriously. You never know when things will go wrong—so we always error on the side of caution. Factor 55’s ProLink and [...]

Bushwacker Fender Flares

We get more questions about the pre-production Bushwacker Fender Flares for our Toyota 4Runners than any other item on the vehicle, bar-none. Most of that is probably because you couldn’t actually buy them—until today that is! Bushwacker has just announced that they’re putting fender flares for the 2014-2016 Toyota [...]

ICON Stage 7 Suspension

Somewhere on a rugged dirt trail in Baja, we realized how good we had it. It wasn't the fish tacos or the beautiful scenery and people we'd been enjoying that made us come to this revelation. It was, to be honest, a combination of potholes, speed bumps, and Baja's [...]